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Investingstockonline.com is a brokerage review platform that offers useful information and reviews on all kinds of brokers on the internet. We also provide valuable and up to date information on binary options, crypto-currencies, CFDs, futures, stocks and more. This was our goal when we first started, and it will remain our goal for the foreseeable future.

Investingstockonline.com is run and operated by financial industry veterans who possess broad and relevant industry experiences. We originally started out as binary options specialists, but we have since expanded our operations to include other financial instruments. Today, our site offers information on all kinds of brokers, as well as other useful trading information.

We offer articles and reports on trading strategies, buy and sell signals, trading software as well as the latest financial news and updates. We also focus our work and attention on those things which are most important to our clients, namely their portfolios. This way, we hope to provide our audience with the support they need to make winning trades and investments.

Fulfilling Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading source of information on all kinds of brokers on the internet and beyond. We fulfill this mission by discussing each and every brokerage platform that we can find on the internet, both local and international.

In addition to providing valuable information on all kinds of brokers, we also offer information on other aspects of trading and investment. We cover risk management, buy and sell signals, trading systems and more. We then use this information better analyze different brokers, and to provide our clients with more valuable information.

We Welcome Feedback

We welcome any feedback that you may have for us. Not only do your comments and reviews help us to create better content, it also allows us to support our other clients in their trades.

Customer feedback also allows us to gather different and opposing opinions with regards to different brokers, and we consider such information very valuable to our work. So if you would like to give your thoughts then please don’t hesitate to share them.

Trading Education

Although investingstockonline.com was set up to review different brokers, we also want to provide our audience with free and valuable trading education. Our site is filled with information on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, risk management, stock trading, crypto trading, binary options trading and many more. We assembled all this information to help you develop a trading strategy that is appropriate for your needs.

Honest Reviews

Reviews are our main focus here on investingstockonline.com. We take each brokerage website and put it on a trial run. We look at each site’s services, speed, flaws and benefits, then we compare these with other brokers to provide useful, comparative reviews to all our clients. So if you are looking for a great broker, a have a look at our reviews and see if you find anything you like.

We Want You to Come Back Again and Again

Trading is an ongoing process, which is why we constantly update our site’s content. Our team is always on the look out for new brokers, and we always keep track of financial news. So if you need a platform that you can consistently trust, regardless of market sentiment, join investingstockonline.com and let us help you make winning trades.




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Autour: Bart Bregman

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Hello, my name is Bart Bregman, I’m 29 years old. and From the Netherlands.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bart.bregman.1

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bart-bregman-038556113/

My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbKq04k4WS5E5NfMlkN1_7Q/

Email: info@investingstockonline.com

Profession: Day Trader, financial analyst and Blogger for: investingstockonline.com , iqoptionwiki.com , Olymptradewiki.com And Torodemotrading.com

Bio: My Trading and the work for this website are both online. This allows me to be a digital Nomad and travel all around the world.

I started my trading carer in 2014 and did become fulltime in 2016. over the years i have been trading Stocks, Forex, Digital option, Binary option, CFD, and Cryptocurrency. I love trading, there is always something the improve in your skills set.

On the second-hand Trading can be a waiting game that’s why I help Investingstockonline.com in my spear time to build the most Trusted and best review website in the broker industry.



Trade setup netherlands


Here is a picture that shows my trade setup in the Netherlands, however traveling on the road I always use 2 laptops and a Samsung tablet.


My Best trade of 2017: 3 JULY – USD/JPY +$4131 Profit 🙂

Autour: Niels Hammer

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theNielsHammer

Email: info@investingstockonline.com

Tel: +31 6 132**** Please contact by Email

Profession: investor, Webmaster/blogger for investingstockonline.com

Bio: A couple of years back I found a youtube video about binary options and I was sold.
The simplicity of this type of trading was something that really attracted me.
But it turned out that making a profit was a little harder then I expected.
I asked my friend Bart for some trading advise and soon after “I don’t remember how exactly”
we started talking about launching a website.
Combining Bart’s trading knowledge with my online marketing background.
A lot has happend since then.
Binary Options is a thing of the past and our website is now an authority in the industry.
But one thing will always be the same. .. Fraud companies trying to deceive you and steal your money.
Trading is risky enough already. So that why I’m dedicated to keep working on investingstockonline.com day and night
to keep you up to date about the online trading industry. Selecting for you only the best brokers to choose from.
Some personal details. I’m 36 years and my home town is Alkmaar in the Netherlands.
I love to travel, meet new people and explore new places.