Account verification on IQ OptionThe process of creating a new account on IQ Option is quite easy. However, to be able to use the account fully, it will have to be verified. IQ Option needs to know that the data you gave is accurate and that you are a true owner of the bank card used on the website.

Identification document

You must present a document that can be used to identify you. It can be either the ID card or the passport. Whichever you utilize, make sure they are still valid. Scan both sides of the ID card. If you are using the passport, a page with the photo will be enough.

Your ID card or passport must be valid

Your ID card or passport must be valid

Address of residence

You have a few possibilities to prove your current address of residence. In all cases, your name and address have to be visible on a scan. Moreover, the documents cannot be older than half a year. What you can send to IQ Option in order to prove the address?

  • Bank account or credit card statement.
  • Utility bill in your name. It can be an electricity bill, water or even a telephone bill.
  • Tax return statement.
  • An official document with a stamp from the municipality which confirms your residence.

Additionally, the scan you are sending should contain a bank or company logo. The crucial information for the verification procedure you will usually find at the beginning of the document. So you can take a photo of only half of it.

Proof of address cannot be older than 6 months

Proof of address cannot be older than 6 months

Bank card

Your bank card has to be verified as well. To do that, make a scan of both sides of it. Both, the front and the back of the card should show your name so your ownership can be confirmed.

6 digits of your card number should be covered as well as the CVV number at the back. You can do it manually, that is covering it with a piece of paper or the tape before you take a photo. Or you can use digital methods like a photo editor to reach the desired result.

You need to cover 6 digits of your card number

You need to cover 6 digits of your card number

The generic instructions

All the documents you intend to send to IQ Option in order to verify your identity should be clear. The information provided should be easy to read.

The documents cannot be covered in any part with other objects (excluding the numbers on your bank card). They cannot be cropped. All four document edges must be visible.

The accepted formats are jpeg and png. The size should not be greater than 8MB.

Once you are done with sending the documents required, you can check the status of the verification. It will be available on your account.

With the above tips, the verification process should not cause any difficulties and you will be able to experience IQ Option functionalities fully.

Enjoy trading!