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USDT – Network TRX Tron (TR20): TQ65UMWHFJ2SgK1BZFR7oYZTddkndmqBsA

ADA cardano: DdzFFzCqrhsyppynNwjBmDUKM52pPGmzsgZzgYPvF1xHWo4grmn51aP8E3fzqcNYX4GGcPDDfc8izd8p8zSZui6GEmdE5ajyaSDyyApA

LTC litecoin Native: Lf69Y38YybqWFXpu18A4hggJ1tV7PKbts3

BTC Bitcoin Native / Segwit: bc1q2ll0t23pw3lzjl8durupct4nflu5l8920jz9r2

BTC Taproot Adress: bc1p7cda0gtngw6phcy60r3vkdegv00xemmwn00qgr0l96c838shceeqygrda0

BTC lightning Network adress: Pleace contact for the Lighting invoice.

10% discount on crypto transfers! =)

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Certificate Kvk:              72614390
Incorporated:          19/09/2018
Registered Office:  Torenburg 20, 1811 MJ, Alkmaar, the Netherlands
Registered Address:  Torenburg 20, 1811 MJ, Alkmaar, the Netherlands