5 tips for trading at PocketOption

trading tips pocket option

There is no secret solution to becoming a successful trader and it takes a lot of time, practicing, and making mistakes for many before they start getting returns. Yet there are some common and simple tips one might consider before starting their trading or investing journey. Let’s look at some of them. Use the Demo … Read more

The benefits of using Innosilicon You need to know

The Innosilicon miner refers to a device consisting of hardware and software that helps mine bitcoin. The hardware includes a graphics card or ASIC, a motherboard, CPU and RAM, PSU, cables for connecting devices, a case with side panels protecting all components from external damage, liquid and dust, and cooling fans to keep the temperature … Read more

Chat on Pocket Option

Using Chat on Pocket Option By using the “Chat” option on the Pocket Option you get a chance to talk to the support service on the platform as well as directly communicate with other traders on the platform. Additionally, you can access other useful sections such as notifications, analytics (including specific market reviews, such as … Read more

Trade Settings on Pocket Option

trade settings pocket option

You can find trade settings on Pocket Option under the button with three dots to the right of the chosen asset. Here you can access multiple trading preference options as well as change the way the trading interface appears visually. Chart Settings A chart is a visual representation of the price movement of an asset … Read more

Five Reasons Why You Should Invest in Stocks

Whenever we have some extra money for saving, we always think about saving accounts. It might look safe and more convenient to you. But the bigger picture is different. With the rapid increase in inflation, depositing your money in banks can lose you profit nowadays. On the other hand, stocks can generate more profit than … Read more

4 Key Considerations When Investing In Precious Metals

Investing in precious metals is not as easy as it may sound, especially for beginners. When some investors hear about the benefits of precious metals, such as their hedge against inflation, they may want to put their money there quickly. For sensible investors, they may be keen to evaluate the details about precious metals before making any investment. Just … Read more

What is Double Counting, and How to Avoid It in Your Finances?

Double counting

If you have done some accounting before you have probably heard of double counting.  It means counting the value of the same product or expenses more than once. You must use the accurate amounts for every expenditure. Every single invoice has to be dated correctly. Double counting is the issue that happened while computing income. … Read more