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For a beginner stock market, there is no shortage of advice from investment clubs, books, online tips, and other services. If, however, you are a beginner playing the stock market there are really only two choices available to you (or three if you include the bad one).

You can handle your new investments in the stock market by getting a good broker who you trust, by reading and studying up about it – which includes learning lots of economic thought, or you can dive into it without adequate information and get creamed. And no one wants their beginner stock market to result in them losing lots of money.

The problem is, as soon as you start your beginner stock market you will be practically bombarded by advice. You can get rich quickly if you invest here, you can make money practically risk free if you buy that book. It is all rubbish. Your beginner stock market is no safer than anyone else’s stock market, and everyone knows at least one person who is an expert at the stocks and has still taken a tremendous dive. No one wants that to happen, but you’re no different from anyone else just because you’re just starting. Don’t be a sucker. Don’t let your beginner stock market lead you to financial ruin.

wallsteet stockmarket tipsInvestment clubs can provide some help with being a beginner in the stock market because they can put you in touch with a group of people who might be more seasoned and experienced at investment. That can give you the competitive edge you need, by allowing you to benefit from the things that they already know.

Seminars can also be helpful for your beginner stock market, but remember there is no wealth without risk. They are often promising wealth without risk at these seminars, but that is completely bogus – any endeavor involves risk, and your beginner stock market is one of the riskiest of them all, so remember: a seminar which promises wealth without risk is probably a scam and should be avoided. Stick to your books of classical and then applied economics, and soon you will be investing like a pro. Your beginner stock market will be a quaint dream of the past as you are swept up by ever compounding investments carrying you away to dreamlands of unbridled and unimagined wealth. That is, if you are lucky. But for now, keep dreaming, and keep studying, and keep developing your beginner stock market portfolio.

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