Does Trading Binary Options Beat a 9 to 5 Job?

Yes, being a binary options trader is better than having a 9 to 5 job for a whole list of reasons. You can work where you want and you don’t have a boss who yells at you.

Why Trading Binary Options Beats a 9 to 5 Job.

Trading in binary options beats a 9 to 5 job. Just think about it: it’s pretty easy to see why.binary options
Most 9 to 5 jobs are incredibly boring. You have to go to sleep early and wake up early (two

things which pretty much suck and nobody really likes to do). You have to then shower, shave, make your coffee in a rush, and go out the door.

If it’s raining, you need an umbrella and your day is going to be damp and miserable. If it’s hot out, you’ll be sweaty and uncomfortable.

You don’t do that as a binary options trader. You wake up when you want, and you relax at home and take your time with breakfast and coffee.

You shower afterwards instead of before because you have time. If you have a regular job, you need to brave the traffic and risk an accident on the road during morning and evening rush hours – when accidents are the most common.

Or, worse in terms of comfort, you have to get on public transport which usually means waiting outside in the cold or heat and risk catching a cold or flu during the winter.

An investor in binary options trading doesn’t have to move around like that, and trading binary options mean you don’t have to go out when it’s really not the best time to do so.

At work, if you’re not investing in binary options, you have to sit at a desk all day and look presentable. Or, you have to work outside in the elements, or maybe in a giant warehouse or factory.

It smells, you’re not relaxed, and you’re not happy. In fact, come to think of it: does anyone actually like their boss? Do you like even half the people you work with?

Binary options traders don’t worry about any of this. They can put up their feet, turn on their laptops, pull up Google and start looking at binary options news and other things online.

They can read the NASDAQ charts and listen to their favourite music. If they want to, they can think about changing at some point out of their bathrobe.

Binary options trading is working from anywhere and for most traders of binary options that means working from home in the mornings.

With a regular job, you won’t have the luxury of doing any of this. You’ll be confined to the office and you’re not free. You’re supposed to sit there and look like you’re doing something as you “earn” your money.

For most people, that means counting down eight hours every day, five days a week, which is mostly like counting downtime during a prison sentence.

Binary options asset traders don’t count down the hours. If anything, they start to think about lunch because, after reading about gold and silver indexes, and technology indexes, and the news, they start to think about how nice it would be to go out and get something to eat.

They don’t need to do it at noon either. A binary options market trader can do it when he or she wants to. Maybe they’ll take their laptop with them and trade some more from a Starbucks cafe, or a nice restaurant.

They also can take as long as they like to eat because binary options trading professionals don’t have a boss telling them that they have to be back by 12:30 or 1:00.

If you’re not investing in binary options or an affiliate promoting binary options to other investors, you can’t sit back and enjoy your time. You also have to deal with “office politics”.

That means you have to be careful about what you say and how you look, and even what you do around others. There’s a hierarchy there.

And all this while someone else trading binary options is probably back at home, or at that comfortable oversized chair at Starbucks which you never get to sit in because you’re always in a rush for your job, and he or she is checking out USD or Euro prices, or the Dow Jones, or reading more news on Google about the latest Sony gadget or Apple release.

He or she isn’t worried that somebody might come up to them and start giving them an assignment before the end of the workday.

If you’re really smart, as a binary options trader, you could even sit in a cafe in a beautiful hotel lobby. Just dress smart, take your laptop, and have some coffee and enjoy the surroundings.

binary options tradingYou can’t do that with a 9 to 5 job. But as an online trader of binary options, you can hang out in places like that and look the part. You can be surrounded by fairly wealthy people and feel successful.

That’s because you can be successful at binary options trading. And when you are surrounded by beautiful things and atmospheres, and very rich people, you’ll feel like a winner.

Nobody feels like a winner at work. People feel uncomfortable and pressed for time, or uncomfortable and incredibly bored. They worry that their boss might see them playing a game online and just killing time.

You feel like a prisoner because you are a prisoner. A binary options trader never feels this way. He or she hangs out where they want to and dress how they want to, and they can look at their Facebook page all they like because their binary options investments are working to earn significant gains online.

They trade on things they believe in and are excited about and they’re not just counting down the hours until they clock out.

And then comes the rush hour traffic. That’s the biggest pain, isn’t it? Dark roads at night full of angry and exhausted drivers. As a binary options trader, you don’t have to worry about that.

You just can sit back and read up on the news, or post on Facebook, or even shop online at Amazon. When you trade binary options, your time is your own, and you don’t have to cut your day into little-regimented portions in the way somebody else wants you to live.


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