How to Use Binomo Support Chat Feature

Support chat at Binomo

Hundreds of thousands of traders have already joined the Binomo platform. One reason for this is that Binomo listens to its customers and improves its services using their feedback. Multiple changes are constantly introduced thanks to traders’ suggestions. The simplest way to communicate your remarks is through the Binomo support chat. And today’s article is about this feature.


Binomo support chat function

Binomo support chat feature makes it possible to reach out and directly communicate with Binomo stuff. You get access to it with both the demo and live Binomo accounts.

support team binomo

On the other side of the chat there is a whole trained team dedicated to assisting traders. They can cover different topics of interest and answer your questions about Binomo platform, trading and related issues.

Instruction on how to use Binomo support chat

Naturally, you need to be logged into your Binomo account. You can then find the chat icon in the left down corner of the platform.

You can access support chat by clicking chat icon
You can access the support chat by clicking the chat icon

A new window will appear. You can type your inquiry there and wait for Binomo staff to reply. It normally takes just a few minutes to receive a message back.

The answer will come quickly
An answer will come quickly

Whatever problem with trading on Binomo you might have, the support chat is the right place to resolve it. The support team welcomes every question and does its best to solve the issues. When you end the chat a transcription will be sent to your e-mail address for the record.

At the end you will receive chat transcript on your e-mail address
In the end you will receive the chat transcript on your e-mail address

Advantages of using Binomo support chat

Firstly, you can get your questions answered and your uncertainties swiftly dispelled. This may include some trading topics, the choice of indicators or strategies, but it may also concern the platform’s technicalities. Maybe this is the first platform you have ever traded on or maybe you have some previous experiences with other brokers, there is still a possibility not all of Binomo’s features will be immediately obvious. Every platform has its unique trading interface and there will be always differences in using them. So if you have any doubts related to the Binomo platform, do not hesitate to contact the support chat.

The other benefit of using Binomo support chat is that you get the possibility to co-create the platform and improve it for yourself and other traders. You may suggest changes, if something maybe is not working as it should, maybe you think some additional features could make trading on Binomo smoother. You are greatly encouraged to communicate your ideas about improving the platform to the support team. They will surely take them into consideration as the platform aims at the highest standards.


Binomo support chat is a very valuable feature. It does not only resolve the issues you have with trading or the platform itself, but it welcomes your suggestions and remarks too. You get the unique opportunity to take an active part in creating a better place for you and other traders.

Do not hesitate to start the chat if you cannot find an answer by yourself. And remember there is a free practice account on the Binomo platform where you can test new methods and strategies.

Best of luck!

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