Social Trading on Pocket Option

social trade pocket option

Social trading is one of the most innovative and unique features offered at Pocket Option and allows you to easily copy positions of other users on this trading platform in one click. Let’s have a closer look at this great possibility. Social Trading overview To access the feature on Pocket Option, click on the “Social … Read more

How Automated Tools Are A Great Way To Analyze Historical Data – Facts & Figures

business analytics

The ability to collect and analyze data is a skill that has become increasingly valuable in today‚Äôs world. Data can be used not only for making predictions but also for understanding patterns and trends in stock markets. Organizations are using automated tools or free historical stock API to do more than just calculate stock market … Read more

What Is Cash Flow Investing

Money leaves the company whenever losses occur, whenever rents and mortgages on offices need to be paid, and such. The schoolbook example of cash entering a company is when customers purchase the brand‚Äôs products. The term ‚ÄėCash Flow‚Äô relates to the cash moving in both directions on a monthly basis. Cash Flow investing is a … Read more

The Pros And Cons Of Dividend Stocks

Investors are commonly on the lookout for fresh ideas and¬†markets¬†to put their money¬†into. Hence, many investors are flocking to dividend stocks to supplement their income in the current low-interest-rate market. Dividend stocks may be attractive investments since they provide current income while also offering the possibility of financial gains in the future. Nevertheless, dividend stock … Read more

What Is The Future Of Investing In Silver?

When it comes to investing¬†in¬†safe avenues, you may consider investing in silver as it‚Äôs believed to¬†offer¬†a good return on¬†one‚Äôs¬†investment. The excellent news is that silver prices¬†have¬†risen¬†above¬†the¬†US$20 per ounce¬†mark¬†recently¬†for the first time in¬†years.¬†This¬†is said to have pushed many individuals to seek opportunities in adding in silver withholdings to their individual¬†American¬†portfolios. Investors like you may look into¬†many¬†companies … Read more

Your profile at Pocket Option

User profile pocket option

Pocket Option platform is very easy and intuitive in use, and this includes the functionalities of user profile. Let’s look at these possibilities on the platform in a greater detail. ContentsUser ProfileYou can look and modify your user profile by going on the profile avatar on the top right corner of the interface or by … Read more

Financial Mistakes That The Majority Of Investors Make

There are several financial snares in life. It’s easy to make bad financial decisions, even when you have the best of intentions. In addition to your faults, you might be losing out on valuable chances because of your lapse in judgment. One dollar at a time, huge sums of money may be lost. Every little … Read more

Securities and Exchange Commission Explained by an Investor

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a United States governmental agency who’s purpose, as stated by the SEC’s official website , is “to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation.” The SEC was created in 1934 as the result of a series of devastating financial panics that occurred throughout … Read more

5 new uses for blockchain beyond cryptocurrency

Blockchain network

Although blockchain is the core technology for many cryptocurrencies, it has long gone beyond the crypto industry. Blockchain is a technology that can turn traditional centralized tools into decentralized and store information in the unaltered ledger, ensuring a high level of data security and safety. So it is not surprising that many companies in various … Read more