Breakdown of ExpertOption


Breakdown of ExpertOption terms and conditions

Bonus Campaigns

ExpertOption regularly runs bonus campaigns which make it easy for their customers to make extra money from theexpert option platform. Here’s a breakdown of bonus campaigns as ExpertOption explains in their terms and conditions.

A bonus campaign is defines as a range of company incentives which are meant to attract customers to the platform. These include bonuses, contests and discounts.


ExpertOption provides bonuses which are simply a financial reward you’ll receive after opening a real account. The bonus is usually calculated as a percentage of the total amount you initially deposit when opening an account.

Mandatory Trading Volume

Once a bonus is received, it cannot be immediately withdrawn. You must meet the mandatory trading volume to be able to withdraw the bonus amount. The mandatory trading volume is simply the minimum transaction volume you must make before the bonus amount can be withdrawn.

Rules regarding bonus campaigns

ExpertOption runs these promotional campaigns as part of their Corporate Rewards Program. So any such campaign a customer participates in must only be offered by ExpertOption. In addition, ExpertOption will change the rules applying to a particular campaign depending on the scope of the incentive campaign.

How do you participate in ExpertOption incentives campaigns and who’s eligible?

expert option scamAny trader who meets the eligibility criteria for a specific incentive campaign may participate. The eligibility criteria are set by the company. For example, earning a bonus by depositing a specified minimum amount.

In order to participate, you must first give your consent. This gives ExpertOption the right to publish your personal data on their website for promotional purposes.

Anyone who’s an employee, affiliate or partner to the ExpertOption platform is prohibited from participating in incentive campaigns it runs.

ExpertOption rights and responsibilities regarding promotional campaigns ExpertOption has the right to use promotional campaign results for commercial and advertising purposes. This means that winner’s details will be published on the ExpertOption website or any other media.

ExpertOption may terminate one, several or all incentive campaigns at any time without giving prior notice to traders. The company will not be held responsible for any losses and costs incurred on the trader’s part as a result of an incentive program being terminated. So if a bonus campaign is terminated, you shouldn’t expect to receive the bonus money in any form.

In the event of detection of fraud, breaking of campaign rules, technical hitches or any condition which compromisesexpert option demo the integrity of any promotional campaign, ExpertOption reserves the right to revoke the incentive offered or bonus program. As a result, ExpertOption will not be responsible for paying the customer involved the bonus program.

Finally, ExpertOption has the right to deny a trader entry to incentive campaigns without providing any explanation for their actions.

ExpertOption Rules Regarding Bonuses

A bonus is simply the amount accumulated in a traders account. It’s usually calculated based on the amount deposited in the traders account. This is unless ExpertOption specifies otherwise based in specific incentive campaign rules.

Bonuses attract a compulsory trading volume. This is determined independently by ExpertOption and the value depends on the particular incentive campaign currently running.

The compulsory trading volume is set at the bonus amount multiplied by 50. For example, if you receive a bonus amount of $100, you should trade a minimum of $5000 in order to be able to redeem the bonus amount. This compulsory trading volume applied to both bonuses offered when you deposit funds to your account as well as bonuses offered without deposits being made.

expert option reviewTransactions that end t the Money’ are not included in the required transaction volume. t the Money’ transactions are those that expire at actual price at the time of expiry. In such cases, you’ll neither make money from your trade nor lose your invested amount.

A bonus cannot be redeemed more than once. Also, each trader is entitled to receive a onetime bonus only under incentive or reward campaigns.

You can only cancel a bonus before using it. For example, you can opt out of a bonus during the account deposit process. Once used, you cannot cancel a bonus. For example, if you use part of the bonus to trade and win/lose, you cannot cancel the remaining part of the bonus amount.

The bonus received under the terms of the bonus program will only be credited into your account after the bonus program has been validated.

Bonus amounts and trader accounts are only allowed to be withdrawn after the compulsory transaction volume has been reached. This means that trade profits cannot be withdrawn until the transaction volume has been reached.

It’s worth noting that all incomplete withdrawals are automatically cancelled after the bonus code has been applied. Withdrawals are only possible once the compulsory transaction volume has been attained.

Link to expert optionGeneral Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

A breakdown of the ExpertOption privacy policy

Similar to other legit online options trading platforms, ExpertOption will require that you provide personal information when opening a new account. The privacy policy addresses questions such as what information to provide and how the platform uses it. Here’s a breakdown of what the ExpertOption privacy policy talks about.

When will ExpertOption require your personal information?

ExpertOption will require you provide verification information when opening an account using their web address The reason why this is necessary is to comply with international money laundering laws.

What’s expected of you?

You will be expected to provide honest and accurate information. Any changes of the identification informationexpert option login you’ve provided must be immediately submitted to the company before the end of 30 days of the change.

ExpertOption will use the personal information you provide to send you any advertising material. The company will also use non-personally identifiable customer information in its advertising.

You’re also expected to agree that all or part of the personal, account and transaction information will be retained by the company. Such information will be used in event of a dispute between you and the company.

You will be required to provide a username and password when registering a new account. These will be used every time you log into your account. It’s your responsibility to keep both your username and password safe and the company shall not be held liable for any losses you incur if a third party accesses your account using your login details. In addition, ExpertOption will not store your username or password on your behalf.

If you suspect your account has been illegally accessed, you must immediately notify the ExpertOption customer support services.

Can ExpertOption disclose your personal information?

ExpertOption will not disclose your information unless when required by the law. For example, a court order requires the company to disclose your information if it’s required by law enforcement in the course of a money laundering investigation. expert option trading downloadThe company may also disclose your personal details if you provide consent either in writing and the disclosure is made by email.

What ExpertOption does with the information you provide

The company has the right to review and inspect any information you provide. However, it’s not obligated to do so.

ExpertOption will also take measures and procedures to protect the information you provide safe. This includes the use of advanced technology and security updates. All information you provide will be stored on electronic storage media that meet current legal requirements.

The company will also request for verification details. If the documents asked for are not provided, ExpertOption may close or suspend your account. They can also refuse to open a trading account even if you’ve provided the details requested for.

All details you send will be forwarded to the staff handling client accounts. If you’re using a credit or debit card to make transactions, ExpertOption will not collect or store your card data. Your transactions are protected the TLS 1.2 with AES algorithm and 256 key bit encryption.

ExpertOption use of cookies

Cookies are small files sent to your computer or mobile device to monitor the use of the ExpertOption website. However, a website can only send cookies to your computer if you grant permission. You can also configure your browser to reject any cookies.

The ExpertOption cookie policy states that the websites pages you view together with a cookie code will beexpert option app downloaded to your devices hard drive and cached. This makes it easier to load the pages faster when you subsequently visit them. The cookies stored on your computer can detect the path you use to visit certain pages on the ExpertOption website. This way, the cookie makes it easier to access the pages you most frequently visit on the site.

ExpertOption cookies will not store delicate information such as passwords, email addresses and names in order to protect the privacy of its customers.

Breakdown of the ExpertOption withdrawal and refund policy

Once you’ve met the compulsory transaction volume (in case you got a bonus) on the ExpertOption platform, you can now withdraw your earnings. The ExpertOption withdrawal and refund policy details the processes involved as follows.

Withdrawing money from your ExpertOption trading account

Once logged into your account, go to the finance’ tab on your right. Then click on the withdrawal’ tab. Select one of the provided withdrawal methods provided in the menu that appears. Next, fill in the information requested for.

Once you’ve made your withdrawal request, your account status will read Requested’. Once it’s accepted, the status will change to In Process’. Here, the amount requested for will be deducted from the total account balance. Once the wait time is complete and money has been sent to your chose payment method, the account status will change to Processed’. expert option minimum deposit

All withdrawals are handled by the ExpertOption finance department. Withdrawal processing will typically take up to 2 business days. It may however take longer than this.

Withdrawals are usually processed according to the customer’s request. For example, if the customer chooses to withdraw to Neteller, the money will be sent to their Neteller account. There are instances where this isn’t possible say when a technical hitch occurs. In such instances, ExpertOption will send the money to an alternative payment processor for which the account holder has an account with. For example, if the Neteller withdrawal isn’t successful, ExpertOption may send the money to your bank account.

You are expected to provide correct information when submitting a withdrawal request.

If you use a debit/credit card to deposit you can still withdraw to it. You can also use any other withdrawal method but only if the amount to withdraw exceeds the amount deposited.

If you make a deposit, you should wait until ExpertOption confirms the deposit before submitting a withdrawal request. This allows the company to deduct any fees that need to be charged for deposit/withdrawal processing.

If your account is locked for violating the company’s terms and conditions and, you’ve requested a refund, ExpertOption reserves the right to charge fees arising from processing the refund amount.

Breakdown of the ExpertOption payment policy

Once you open an ExpertOption trading account, you’ll carry out various transactions which include depositing, trade entry and exit, and withdrawals. These will affect the balance reflecting on your account. The ExpertOption payment policy explains the rules surrounding these transactions as follows.

What are ExpertOption’s responsibilities regarding trader accounts?

ExpertOption will be responsible for ensuring that your account balance is always accurate. This involves recordingexpert option trading and updating any transactions you make on your account. For example, crediting your account balance when deposits are made or profit earned on successful trades.

Customer rights regarding their accounts

You are allowed to access your account at your own will. This excludes cases where your account has been locked.

Accepted payment processors

ExpertOption accepts several payment processors to handle customer deposits and withdrawals. You can only use those that the platform explicitly states on their website. ExpertOption is however not responsible for any delays or cancellations of transactions made by any payment processor.

If you have any claims regarding a payment method, it’s upon you to contact them with your claim. ExpertOption is not responsible for the operation of any third party payment processor. The platform only accepts liability over your funds when they have been processed and deposited into their accounts or, before they are processed and withdrawn from their bank accounts. They do not accept any liability for any act or omission of any third party dealing in financial transactions with their customers funds. ExpertOption also reserves the right to stop all transactions relating to a customer account if they detect any fraudulent activity involving it.

If technical errors occur during a transaction, ExpertOption reserves the right to cancel the transaction and stop all subsequent transactions involving the customer.