Eight Reasons Why People Love Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has remained popular for many years now. Many people see it as a fantastic investment opportunity. Others might like what crypto stands for and want to buy crypto because they see it as the future. Keep reading to learn about eight reasons why people love cryptocurrency. 1. The Potential to Make Money The potential … Read more

Dogecoin and its clones. Is it profitable to invest in it?

At the beginning of this year, we saw a surge of attention and demand going towards Dogecoin. With Elon Musk and other celebrities endorsing it, new investors and those with money to spare chose to buy Dogecoin. Had they held their coins for a few months, they would have seen an epic 13x price growth, … Read more

How to Play Bitcoin Casino?

More and more gambling platforms provide an opportunity to play Bitcoin casino games. It isn’t surprising as BTC casino has many advantages. You can enjoy quick processing speed, safe and anonymous transactions, generous promotions, etc. Find out how to start playing Bitcoin casino and enjoy all the great features it has. What Kind of Games … Read more

All about Helium Miner you need to know

What is Helium Hotspot Miner? Hotspots generate the Helium Network. A Hotspot is a LoRaWAN gateway linked with a helium miner. A helium miner is established easily at home and is a featherweight device. This can also carry on a Raspberry Pi. This provides inclusion to the LoRa nodes in their reach. By connecting them … Read more

The benefits of using Innosilicon You need to know

The Innosilicon miner refers to a device consisting of hardware and software that helps mine bitcoin. The hardware includes a graphics card or ASIC, a motherboard, CPU and RAM, PSU, cables for connecting devices, a case with side panels protecting all components from external damage, liquid and dust, and cooling fans to keep the temperature … Read more

How artificial intelligence is used in the cryptocurrency market?

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The math and computational skills required to fully understand Artificial Intelligence in the cryptocurrency market are incomprehensible for the mathematically challenged! Fortunately, most of us just want to know how it can help us and how user-friendly it is. So, we’ll look at why AI is such a game-changer and how it might improve investment … Read more

5 new uses for blockchain beyond cryptocurrency

Blockchain network

Although blockchain is the core technology for many cryptocurrencies, it has long gone beyond the crypto industry. Blockchain is a technology that can turn traditional centralized tools into decentralized and store information in the unaltered ledger, ensuring a high level of data security and safety. So it is not surprising that many companies in various … Read more

Why Casino Gaming Could Boost Crypto Values

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People tend to look to a lot of different avenues for potential boosts to cryptocurrency value. The Holy Grail, for instance, is mass retail acceptance, and specifically an Amazon announcement. There are persistent (and usually unfounded) rumors about the online mega-seller flirting with cryptocurrency — most recently leading to a ZDNet write-up on Amazon once again denying … Read more