5 new uses for blockchain beyond cryptocurrency

Blockchain network

Although blockchain is the core technology for many cryptocurrencies, it has long gone beyond the crypto industry. Blockchain is a technology that can turn traditional centralized tools into decentralized and store information in the unaltered ledger, ensuring a high level of data security and safety. So it is not surprising that many companies in various … Read more

Why Casino Gaming Could Boost Crypto Values

bitcoin panic sell-out 2018

People tend to look to a lot of different avenues for potential boosts to cryptocurrency value. The Holy Grail, for instance, is mass retail acceptance, and specifically an Amazon announcement. There are persistent (and usually unfounded) rumors about the online mega-seller flirting with cryptocurrency — most recently leading to a ZDNet write-up on Amazon once again denying … Read more

Will Ethereum Rebound in 2021?

Recently, a panel of experts predicted that Ethereum’s token Ether (ETH) would rise to $20,000 by 2025. Many extol the virtues of the future of decentralized finance (DeFi), and the Ethereum project is at the center of that narrative. Such bold estimates for Ethereum’s value are based on the popularity of DeFi, and Ethereum’s recent … Read more

What should you look for in a crypto exchange?

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After all the cryptocurrency hype, you might be getting ready to make your first crypto investment. Easier said than done. As interest in the concept of digital currencies has increased, so has the number of exchanges that make trading possible. So, where should you begin? Here is a breakdown of features you can look for … Read more

Top 3 tips to invest safely in cryptocurrencies

Safe crypto investments

There are many different ways of investing money. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies is quite a new thing, however, many are interested in this topic. The truth is that this type of investment can bring you great profits but there also lies quite a big risk in it. This is why it is really important that … Read more

How to Deal with Cryptocurrency Volatility and the Safest Coins to Invest in

There is always risk

Everybody was skeptical about Bitcoin right until it shot up in 2017. Then, everybody and their dogs wanted to know what Bitcoin was.  What most people seem to miss is that volatility works both ways. Granted, Bitcoin’s volatility helped investors squeeze three-digit returns. However, those who stayed invested know that Bitcoin prices plunged just as … Read more