4 Capital Management Strategies For Successful Trading

There’s no such thing as risk-free trading. The truth is, trading always carries some amount of risk. Most of the time, traders have a 50/50 chance of losing or gaining in trades. Of course, the actual ratio depends on individual strategies and levels of experience, but it’s undeniable that trading is a matter of luck … Read more

Many traders fail – How to spot your trading mistakes on Binomo

Statistics show that nearly a large portion of the retail traders aren’t able to be profitable. Nevertheless, even these 90% of trading accounts make a profit from time to time. But overall, they have more losing than successful trades, evidently reducing the balance on these accounts. The big question is why do many traders lose … Read more

Why You Should Never Do 1-Minute Trades on Binomo

There are a lot of financial instruments that are traded in the markets – however, some are more popular than most. Certain financial vehicles in the derivatives market are favored because they are extremely simple to train. For some, you only need to predict which way the prices will go relative to the time you … Read more

How To Trade Like A Casino For Consistent Profits

Are you interested in making consistent earnings as a professional trader? Oftentimes, when you tell people how you generate my income by trading in the stock market, they look at me funny and ask “Isn’t that risky?” or “Doesn’t that depend on luck?” or even “Isn’t that gambling?” And I’m here to tell you that, … Read more

How does Binomo do their business

Every trader wants to earn profits. The first step is to sign up with a chosen broker. Then, you need to learn the platform and trading strategies. And after some time you can start trading on a live account. At some point, you will probably ask a question about the ways the brokers make their … Read more