What is Double Counting, and How to Avoid It in Your Finances?

Double counting

If you have done some accounting before you have probably heard of double counting.  It means counting the value of the same product or expenses more than once. You must use the accurate amounts for every expenditure. Every single invoice has to be dated correctly. Double counting is the issue that happened while computing income. … Read more

The peak of uncertainty between the UK and the EU

The “peak of uncertainty” has reached the whole of Europe as the most regulatory and financial authorities rush to save the harshest effects of the UK leaving the EU within only 36 days for the transition period. A combination of politics and trading data, the EU concern about Britain diverging from continental rules, and Europe’s … Read more

How Do Gold Bullion Vaulting Services Work?     

gold bars

If you are looking for a high security and efficient way of buying, storing and selling gold, vaulting services would be the way to go. For example, Gold Bullion Australia provides a range of vaulting options that would work for novice to experienced investors. When buying gold, you need to ensure that it is investment-grade, meaning the … Read more

7 money management tricks to help you survive on the market

money management tricks

Trading is a serious and risky business. When you begin your journey with trading, you must realize there is always risk involved. However, I have some good news for you. There are some tricks that can help you to manage losses and ensure more peace of mind. What are they? Read the article and you … Read more