#1 Guide to Install the Standalone Desktop App for Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade desktop app

Choosing the right brokerage company is an important task. You will invest your money with it so you need a reliable one. Moreover, you want the platform to be accessible on different devices so you can trade from whatever place you are currently in. You have various options on Olymp Trade. You can trade not … Read more

#1 Beginners Guide to Trade Forex on Olymp Trade


Foreign exchange market called also Forex is based on exchanging currencies. You buy one currency for another one. Olymp Trade offers 28 currencies, 7 indices, 35 stocks, 9 cryptos, 2 metals and 4 ETFs in the forex section. This variety gives the traders a great opportunity to be in the market actively 24 hours for … Read more

How to become an expert in the Olymp Trade platform interface

User interface on Olymp Trade platform

Traders dream about spectacular success. The first step to reach it is already made. You have decided to invest with an Olymp Trade broker. Now is the time to get familiar with the platform. This guide will help you to get through it. Major parts of the Olymp Trade interface You can divide the Olymp … Read more

What you can learn from one month of trading on Olymp Trade

Knowledge after one month trading

Any discipline requires practice. Trading is not different in this matter. You have to learn, work and gain experience to become a master. The beginnings are often difficult, but this is the phase everyone needs to pass through. It can just take longer for some. The newbies often aspire to do all by themselves. Then … Read more

How to earn profits using the breakout strategy in Olymp Trade

Breakout Strategy, android app

As an options trader, you probably know about using trends to determine when to enter and exit trades profitably. Trends are a good way to constantly make profits without making huge risks. The problem is, identifying a trend could take a long time and profits earned on this type of strategy could be minimal. There … Read more