Why Traders Lose Money on Trading


One truth remains unchanged when it comes to trading – more traders tend to lose trades, than traders who actually win trades. Recent research and studies show that about 90% of traders lose their money when trading. Only about 10% of traders can win profits when trading. So, why is there a huge percentage of … Read more

Be a Better Trader using the Fractal Indicator Strategy

Fractal Indicator Cover

Among the commonly used indicators that display reversals in a chart is the Fractal Indicator. What is the Fractal Indicator and how can this reversal indicator be used to trade continuing trends? Here’s what you need to know about this indicator and how it can help you become a better trader. What is the Fractal … Read more

How to Improve Trading Profitability with Martingale Strategy

Martingale Strategy Cover

When it comes to strategies used in trading, there are practically a plethora of options. Trading strategies enable a trader to determine points and levels of opportunities in a chart. It can also help a trader lower risk while trading. While trading strategies may seem of utmost importance in the industry, it does not guarantee … Read more

Trade the Stair Steps Strategy on Pocket Option

stair steps pattern on Pocket Option platform

Traders often look for repeatable patterns on the price charts. Such formations help greatly in technical analysis as they say a lot about possible price behaviour. Some patterns are more commonly used than others. Have you heard about the stair steps pattern? It will be the topic of today’s article. What is the stair steps … Read more

How to recognize the trend trading on Pocket Option

using trend to trade on Pocket Option

The situation in the market changes constantly. It is important to be able to distinguish a trending market from a ranging one. It may generate certain difficulties in the beginning. I wish to guide you through this task in today’s article. Recognising the trend in the market The trend can develop in both directions, that … Read more

Money Management on the Pocket Option platform

martingale money management on Pocket Option

Having a money management strategy is an essential factor in trading. It should be designed so that you are able to work on consistent profit. This can be done when you win more than you lose. Losses will happen. You can be sure of that. More important is that you lose as little as possible … Read more

Best Time to Trade on Pocket Option

Trading Time

One good thing about trading binary options is that the market is open 24 hours a day. This presents the opportunity to trade anytime and anywhere whenever is convenient. Unfortunately, not all hours of the day are the same – and most especially, not all hours of the day are profitable for a trader. There … Read more

Vortex + MACD Trading Strategy for Binary Options

Vector + MACD Strategy

Being well-versed and well-knowledgeable about technical indicators, as well as how to use and interpret them is an essential skill that every trader should have. It is for this reason that technical indicators provide a visible signal of the possible movements of the market. Presently, there are hundreds of technical indicators available for any kind … Read more

Master Compounding with the Anti-Martingale Money Management System

Anti Martingale Cover

Every time a strategy fails, a trader immediately thinks that the strategy is not working. Regardless of the trading strategy, losses are inevitable. There are simply things that you cannot control as a trader. However, what if you can make a good strategy out of your losses? What if you can use a system that … Read more

How to Master Support and Resistance on Pocket Option


Traders who generally base their trading decisions on technical analysis understand the value of support and resistance levels. It is through these levels that opportunities in a chart become visible. Furthermore, support and resistance levels present the possible levels where price levels are expected to bounce or reverse. So how can you master the use … Read more