How To Avoid Scams Targeting Pocket Option Traders

Online Scam for Traders

The world of the internet is vast and there are practically a plethora of ways on how one can make money through it. While some work honestly for hard-earned money, some cheat, steal and take advantage of others to make money. Unfortunately, being a trader doesn’t exempt you from scams. Many scammers and fraudsters today … Read more

Why Traders Lose Money on Trading


One truth remains unchanged when it comes to trading – more traders tend to lose trades, than traders who actually win trades. Recent research and studies show that about 90% of traders lose their money when trading. Only about 10% of traders can win profits when trading. So, why is there a huge percentage of … Read more

How to Improve Trading Profitability with Martingale Strategy

Martingale Strategy Cover

When it comes to strategies used in trading, there are practically a plethora of options. Trading strategies enable a trader to determine points and levels of opportunities in a chart. It can also help a trader lower risk while trading. While trading strategies may seem of utmost importance in the industry, it does not guarantee … Read more

Best Time to Trade on Pocket Option

Trading Time

One good thing about trading binary options is that the market is open 24 hours a day. This presents the opportunity to trade anytime and anywhere whenever is convenient. Unfortunately, not all hours of the day are the same – and most especially, not all hours of the day are profitable for a trader. There … Read more

Master Compounding with the Anti-Martingale Money Management System

Anti Martingale Cover

Every time a strategy fails, a trader immediately thinks that the strategy is not working. Regardless of the trading strategy, losses are inevitable. There are simply things that you cannot control as a trader. However, what if you can make a good strategy out of your losses? What if you can use a system that … Read more

How Ethereum is different from Bitcoin

trade cryptocurrencies

No one will argue that Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency on the market. Being the trailblazer that got the ball rolling for digital currencies to be embraced by the mainstream, this crypto has impacted the world of finance in numerous ways. No longer is fiat currency the sole form of cash; now, there are … Read more

Is it really possible to become a profitable trader

Avoid gambler's fallacy to be successful in trading

Investors should not think that it is easy to make money through day trading as here the opportunity of trading more. People should try to keep the discipline which will help to do well in the trading field. Here, the person should stick to the roadmap to get the money. Proper practice will help to … Read more

Things you need to know about trading signals?

Signals generated by MACD and signal line crossover

As Forex has become more widely popular, people are looking for all sorts of genius ways to make money. It is not easy because it takes a lot of effort and time to understand the basics. Sometimes scammers confuse beginners and they lose funds. Despite numerous indicators being available, only a few are ever used. … Read more