How Bidens Presidency Can Affect The Investment Markets

The investment markets are volatile on a constant basis. When a new president is elected in the United States, a lot of speculation tends to start which most certainly does not help ease the speculation that is being done. When Donald Trump won the elections back in 2016, huge speculations started about both the stalk … Read more

The most popular assets amongst fixed time trades traders


Trading is a sum of many elements like individual skills, the choice of the trading strategies, technical analysis tools and the right broker. The list is long, but the one thing you cannot forget is the financial instrument being used. You will find many types of assets. There are, among others, stocks, indices, currency pairs. … Read more

4 stages of becoming a successful fixed time trades trader

4 stages to become professional options trader

There are many new platforms the brokers are opening because the interest in digital options trading is high. New technologies are introduced and new indicators invented. But the main question remains the same. How to become a successful options trader? People often turn into options trading because they consider it a quite simple way to … Read more

1, 2, 5% – position size in singular fixed time trades trade

Trade size in binary options trading

Trading fixed time trades is a type of trading where you speculate on the price direction. If your predictions were right, you would get a fixed return. If they were wrong, you would lose the invested capital. Some brokers allow, under some restrictions, to close the transaction earlier so you do not lose the whole … Read more