#1 Guide to Install the Standalone Desktop App for Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade desktop appChoosing the right brokerage company is an important task. You will invest your money with it so you need a reliable one. Moreover, you want the platform to be accessible on different devices so you can trade from whatever place you are currently in.

You have various options on Olymp Trade. You can trade not only through an internet browser but also through computer desktop and mobile apps.

I want to get you closer to the standalone desktop app on Olymp Trade. It works perfectly for both major operating systems, MS Windows and macOS. Its functionality does not depend on the home page so it is light and rapid.

The computer desktop Olymp Trade app is secure. Your accounts will be synchronized so you will still be able to view your past transactions. And you get all the same features that are available via an internet browser so you do not miss any opportunities.

The Standalone Olymp Trade desktop app – the process of installation

Launch the Olymp Trade website on your computer. In the download section, you will find links that will begin the installation process. There is one for macOS and two for Windows, Windows x32 and Windows x64.

Download Olymp Trade desktop app for your operating system
Download Olymp Trade desktop app for your operating system

The files you are about to download should be as follows:

For macOS users: Olymp_Trade_Community_Version_mac_latest.dmg

For Windows: Olymp_Trade_Community_Version_win64_latest.exe or Olymp_Trade_Community_Version_win32_latest.exe. Here it depends on the OS you are using (32 or 64-bit).

Once you click on the correct link, the file will begin downloading.

You will see the files you have just downloaded in the default folder. Go there and click the image. The process of installation will start. Then, just follow the instruction on the screen as you do with other desktop apps for your computer.

Installing Olymp Trade app on Windows
Installing Olymp Trade app on Windows

The desktop app will start when the process is completed. The corresponding icon will be added to the desktop so you can easily access it in the future.

If you already have an account on the Olymp Trade platform, just use the email address and the password you were using on the site.

If you just wish to begin your trading adventure with Olymp Trade, go through a simple registration process. You will obtain a free demo account which is an excellent place to get to know the platform and practice new strategies.

Finally you can login to your standalone Olymp Trade app
Finally, you can log in to your standalone Olymp Trade app

So you have just installed the standalone desktop Olymp Trade app. The platform looks identical to the one you can access via an internet browser. If you, however, do not know the platform yet, check the article about the user interface of the Olymp Trade platform.

Use the desktop app for trading on Olymp Trade. Share your thoughts on it in the comments section below.

Enjoy trading!