How to read the economic calendar on the Binomo platform

Economic calendar on Binomo platform
The economic calendar on the Binomo platform

How to find the economic calendar on the Binomo platform

Log in to your Binomo account. You will find various icons on the left side of the Binomo trading platform. One of them looks exactly like a calendar. Click on it and the economic calendar will open.

Accessing economic calendar on Binomo
Accessing the economic calendar on Binomo

There are two tabs, ‘Upcoming’ and ‘Past’. You can view past reports and use them in your analysis. But let’s focus on the upcoming ones.

Every report has a small flag next to it. It is showing which country it is related to. Check all the countries that may influence the asset of your choice.

Then, you have a specific name for the report and the time when it will be released.

On the right side, you will find the icons of the bulls’ heads. They represent the importance of the announcement. One is often irrelevant to the situation in the chosen market, but you should pay attention to the reports with two and three bulls. They can influence the market significantly.

By clicking the name of the report (4), you will receive detailed information about it. In addition to what you have seen in the abridged version, you will find three values named ‘Previous’, ‘Forecast’ and ‘Actual’. They are showing the strength this announcement has on the situation in the market.

Detailed data are available after clicking particular event from calendar
Detailed data are available after clicking a particular event from the calendar

The Actual value is empty when the report has not been published yet. The number will appear at the moment of a release.

The Previous field indicates what was the value of such an announcement in the past.

The Forecast suggests what you can expect after the news will be released this time.

Below, you will find the countdown timer of the announcement and specific information about the news. A timer is showing the time left to the event.


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