Elite CurrenSea offers an advanced EA that can be fully automated to generate passive profits

Elite CurrenSea is a recently established European education center in trading on various financial markets. It represents a successful startup of an algorithmic trading fintech platform offering numerous solutions for beginner and advanced traders. Elite CurrenSea has been increasingly helpful in educating Forex and stock traders on how to automate their trading activities successfully, how to choose and implement various trading strategies and understand the ideas behind the market movements. 

However, the biggest achievement of the Elite CurrenSea team is the sophisticated expert advisor system that they introduced a few years ago. Zeus EA is a ground-breaking Forex trading bot with four years of exceptionally performing backtesting data. During the backtesting stage, the EA was operating on EUR/USD currency pairs only. However, nowadays, the robot can trade with many other major currency pairs. Currently, minor and exotic currencies are not available on the platform, but would not be surprising to witness them later in the future. 

What makes Zeus EA special?

Zeus EA has recorded more than 90% model accuracy during the four years of the backtesting stage. It has been available for commercial use since 2019. Furthermore, it has broadened its scope of financial assets that Forex traders can invest in. The expert advisor is extremely simple to use and can be set up through easy downloading and installation processes. What is the most unique feature of the system is that Zeus EA by Elite CurrenSea promises around 15 to 30 percent passive income on a monthly basis to its users, which is a far advancement in comparison to the rest of the existing expert advisors on the market. 

Zeus EA can be used in accordance with numerous trading strategies, be it Elliott Wave theory trading, high-frequency trading, momentum trading, day trading, etc. However, the specifications and approaches for day traders and long-term traders will differ. The platform is capable of supporting almost every kind of trading style as it is close relative to MetaTrader 4 software. 

The developers of the system, Chris Svorcik, and Nenad Kerkez are both famous expert traders who have been leading professionals in automated Forex trading. They have produced numerous marvelous works, guides, workshops, and courses on trading within various financial markets and the uses of algorithmic trading. Hence, they also offer extensive guides on how to use the expert advisor and how to benefit from its features. 

A platform as successful as Zeus EA unfortunately cannot be made free. Hence, the users have to choose from several available subscription packages. The rental of the subscription package starts as low as 299 Euros per year. However, the traders also have an option for the sponsored access, which costs anywhere between 2,500 to 7,500 euros. This subscription choice promises significant monthly returns and stable passive income. You do not have to worry over the changing and fluctuating market movements, as the software has been tested numerous times to ensure its smooth operation over the different market conditions. 

Users purchasing Zeus EA can also sign up for a no-cost session on the Elite CurrenSea website. Even though there exist numerous guides on algorithmic trading, as well as courses, this specific one provides insights into the most effective and efficient ways to trade with Zeus Expert Advisor. The webinar is available for free via YouTube covering everything with the minimum capital requirements required for Zeus EA trading via the profit share module, choosing the risk strategy, and the many advantages and drawbacks of Zeus EA’s platform.