I always try to provide support to my readers. One question that usually pops up in emails I receive regards percentage returns. More specifically – whether I’ve ever noticed that ExpertOption percentage returns don’t remain expert option constant. One reader actually sent me 2 account snapshots to display illustrate just how different the percentages can be. As you see, the first snapshot shows the expected percentage return to be about 83%. The second on the other hand shows the expected percentage return to be 17%. That’s a huge difference. So I contacted the support team over at ExpertOption. As usual, their response was fast and professional.expert option scam

To put it simply, your expected return rate isn’t fixed. It’s a dynamic value that’s arrived at after factoring in several parameters like current market volatility, real time transaction volume among others. This means that the percentage return will continuously change in real time.

In addition, the rates presented on the platform are subject to change at any time without notice. This seems to put you at a disadvantage. However, you can increase your chances of getting higher payment rates by entering trades at appropriate times. For example when markets are very volatile, rates tend to be higher than when markets are fairly stable.

Is ExpertOption a Scam Platform?

ExpertOption is still relatively new in the options market. Naturally, traders interested in trading here will be cautious. Given the many scam options trading platforms that have come up in the past, no one would want to fall victim to a new one. But is ExpertOption really a scam platform? Should you avoid it totally or, confidently invest your money here? expert option demo

The ease of trading on the Expert Option platform makes it suspect at first glance Compared to many online options trading platforms, ExpertOption is relatively easy to trade on. Trade entry simply involves choosing the amount to invest, choosing the strike price and simply clicking on an up or down button. The time the trade lasts is preset at 30 seconds, I minute or 5 minutes (you can change this).

This trade entry process is quite similar to betting. Perhaps this simplicity is what makes ExpertOption a bit suspect to new traders. But here are facts that make it a legit options trading platform.

It’s a Fully Regulated Platform

ExpertOption is fully regulated by the FMRRC (Center for Regulation of Financial Markets Relations) under license number TSRF RU 039 Vv0099. It’s also licensed as a securities dealer in the Vanuatu Republic.

The company has its headquarters in 1510 Kingstown, Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center. All this information is readily available and verifiable.

Easy to Contact Support

ExpertOption provides support for all traders using the platform. You can contact support through their chatexpert option review application, email or phone.

Demo Account with $50 Minimum Deposit Real Account

The platform offers a free demo account with $10000 virtual cash. You’re not required to provide any personal details to trade on the demo account. Opening a real account requires a minimum deposit of $50. This is probably to attract serious traders. Some of the $1 minimum deposit platforms have actually ended up being scams.

There are many other reasons why you can confidently trade with ExpertOption without worrying that you’ll lose your investment. In a previous article, I actually showed proof of a withdrawal from my trading account. The platform offers great returns of up to 96% on successful trades. So there’s real money to be made here. If you still have doubts about the platform, send your concerns in the comments section below and I’ll try to clarify your questions where possible. Link to expert option

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk