financial products Profit Calculator

binomo financial products profit calculatorAre you interested in knowing how much profit you could potentially make before an investment period could close? Well, today’s your lucky day!

The Binomo financial products Profit Calculator is a great tool that you can use in order to help you calculate your potential profits instantly. From now on, there’s no more need to spend long hours sitting at the table, making calculations!

How to use the financial products profit calculator?

    1. First of all, input the amount of money you want to invest in USD.
    2. Next, your starting date. When are you planning to start investing? This is also the date that your investment will start to earn you a profit.
    3. After that, it’s time to input the interest rate. This refers to the percentage that you expect your investment to earn as a profit.
    4. The investment term comes next. You can input this amount in terms of days, weeks, or months. It all depends on whether you’re a long-term investor or a short-term investor. Short-term investors could be planning to invest for as short as a day, while some long-term investors could take decades before they plan to cash out their investments.
    5. Next is the interest duration. How often will your investment be subjected to the interest rate? Do you think your investment will gain interest daily? Weekly? Monthly? For instance, if your interested duration is weekly and your interest rate is 4%, then that means your investment earns you a profit of 4% every week.
    6. Our tool also has a checkbox for compound interest. If you check this box, then that means that for every profit your investment earns, you earn interest on as well. Let’s say that your initial investment is $100 and you earn an interest of 4% weekly. With compounding interest, it means that you’ll earn 4% of $100 in the first week, 4% of $104 in the second week, 4% of $108.16 in the third week, and so on. In other words, every profit you make adds to the principal amount.
    7. If you ticked the checkbox for compound interest, then the last item is directly related to that. Percent Profit Re-Invested assumes that you’re not automatically reinvesting all the profit you made from your investment. For example, you invested $100 that earns at an interest rate of 4% weekly. If you only choose to reinvest 50% instead of 100%, then that means that instead of reinvesting the $4 you made on the first week, you’ll only reinvest $2. So the new principal amount for compounding interest would be $102 in the second week instead of $104, $104.04 in the third week instead of $108.16, and so on. But if you’re willing to reinvest every single profit, then simply input 100%.

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That was pretty easy, wasn’t it? Don’t be scared to test our Binomo financial products Profit Calculator to see how you too can benefit from it. With this tool, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful trader! Make sure that you use your personal trading checklist so that you don’t lose your way in the world of trading.

If you’re interested in learning more about making a profit on Binomo, you can take a look at our Guides and Strategies here.

Good luck on your trading journey with Binomo!