Why you should choose Japan as your next investment destination.

Why you should choose Japan as your next investment destination.

Despite the pandemic, certain countries are still thriving despite the slowdown in business activities. Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, is one such country. A forward-thinking leader, favourable business climates and continued innovation have led to the country becoming a favourite among investors. For example, you can submit a bid to develop a new casino and resort in the country. This is an attempt by the country to increase its revenue by promoting gaming tourists.

There are many justifications as to why you should invest in this country. However, most of the information you will find is too complex for you to decipher. To ensure that you do not miss this amazing opportunity, here is a decryption of the most important facts.


It has one of the best business environments in the world.

What is the biggest hurdle you face as an investor? Start-up costs. Expenses such as rent, utility bills and license fees can kill your business even before starting it. Japan boasts one of the most efficient administrative and regulatory systems in the world. To put this in perspective, the global competitiveness report of 2019 ranks it as the world’s second-best system.

Furthermore, the government continues to introduce a new initiative to promote both local and foreign investment. For example, you receive tax incentives if your business is in a disaster afflicted zone. Additionally, you can now get a residency permit in less than a year if you qualify as a highly-skilled professional. Initially, the approval period was five years before the new legislation was formalized.

Their infrastructure is extremely reliable.

Transport, electricity and communication are the cornerstones of most businesses. Investing in Japan guarantees you all three. The public transport system is second to none. You can access most major cities in the country in less than three hours, thanks to an extensive road, air and rail network.

Additionally, power outages are an infrequent occurrence. You may have better luck spotting a snowman in the Sahara than experiencing an all-week power outage. Finally, over 90% of the country has internet access, with everyone else reachable by telephone. These statistics offer you the perfect mix to thrive as a potential investor.

An extremely high standard of living.

Investing in Japan also gives you the best chance to enjoy a high standard of living. Japan’s society places a high value on the quality of living. The government is continuously investing in international schools and hospitals in an attempt to attract more foreign investment.

The number of English-speaking nationals continues to increase year-on-year. It is now easier to transact in all major cities without the need for an interpreter. Such is the impact that Tokyo and Osaka consistently rank in the top ten of the world’s most liveable cities.

Japan is constantly innovating.

The country ranks as the top investor in research and development expenditure. According to recent statistics, the country allocates nearly 3.5% of its gross domestic product to the activity. There are 5,311 researchers for every 1 million people and close to 780 universities within its borders.

Some of the innovations that you can thank Japan for include digital farming. With current estimates showing the global water supply reducing by 40% in 2030, Japanese farmers are now using sensors to predict the exact amounts of water and fertilizer plants need. Consequently, you can now achieve higher crops yields with the least amount of resource wastage.

Furthermore, PeptiDream Inc. is working on cheaper cancer treatments that only target the affected proteins. As a result, more cancer patients can access treatment without the adverse side effects than current treatments have.

You will be part of the third-largest economy in the world.

Finally, investing in Japan promises very high returns. To put this in perspective, most of Japans regional GDPs are at par with those of entire countries. For example, Kansai is on par with Switzerland in terms of annual gross production.

Furthermore, Japan’s inward foreign direct investment (FDI) has a nearly 40 trillion Yen valuation. FDI refers to a situation where a company or individual has a controlling stake in a local company. It does not necessarily involve cash injections but also human capital and technological inputs. The high valuation is an indication that many foreigners are optimistic about gaining substantial returns on their investment.


The above reasons are a clear indication that there is a lot of promise in investing in Japan. So, what are you waiting for? Sign that cheque and watch your bank balance grow.