How to Download and Install IQ Option App on Desktop Computer

Installing IQ Option desktop appThere are many factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding on the trading broker. Accessibility is one of them. The platform should be available not only from the web browser but also specially dedicated apps.

IQ Option can boast of having both, the smartphone and desktop computer apps. And today we will discuss the latter.


IQ Option desktop computer app

The desktop computer app is designed to be compatible with the most commonly used operating systems that are Windows and MacOS. It runs independently from the main website so it is lightweight. This ensures the trade operations are executed fast.

The desktop computer app is also safe to use. Moreover, it is synchronised with your IQ Option account if you happened to open one before installing the app. What it means is that you will be able to view all your transactions on the app.

How to download the IQ Option app on a desktop computer?

To download the desktop app you must go to the IQ Option website first. Choose “For Traders” tab and then you will see the “Download App” section.

Accessing Download App section on IQ Option website
Accessing the Download App section on the IQ Option website

You will be redirected to the site with the links for downloading the app. Choose the app for the operating system you are currently working on.

Download IQ Option desktop app for your operating system
Download the IQ Option desktop app for your operating system

Required computer specifications

Make sure your computer meets the IQ Option requirements.

For Windows, you should have Windows 7 version or above, at least 2 GB of RAM and 130 MB free space on the disk.

For MacOS, you should operate on MacOS X, Yosemite, have 2 GB of RAM and 130 MB of space on the disk as a minimum.

Installation of the downloaded files

If you operate on Windows, your downloaded file will be named the installer.msi. If you have MacOS, it will be the installer.dmg.

After the installation window appears, you can either use the default destination or choose to change it. You can also decide whether you wish to install the desktop icon and start menu icon together with the app. Once you are ready, click the “Install” button. The installation process will begin.

Running instalation file for IQ Option app
Running installation file for the IQ Option app

Follow the instructions in the installation window the same way you do for other software in your PC or laptop.

You need to follow installations instructions
You need to follow installation instructions

Select the option to launch the IQ Option app once the installation ends and click the button “Finish”. As a default, the application will open after you click “Finish” on the last page of the installer. You can uncheck this option if you just want to make the installation.

You can launch IQ Option app after installation is complete
You can launch the IQ Option app after installation is complete

Opening the IQ Option desktop computer app

You can simply log in with the same details you are using on the IQ Option website.

Now you can login to the platform
Now you can log in to the platform

You have finished the process of downloading and installing the IQ Option desktop computer app. Familiarise yourself with the app so you can trade from any place you are currently in.

Wish you successful trading!