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The OlympTrade brand is maintained and operated by two separate organizations called Smartex International Ltd. The first company is based in Mahe, Seychelles while the second is found in Nicosia Cyprus.

Previously listed and regulated by the Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (FMRRC) in Russia, OlympTrade is now a part of the Financial Commission. Olymp Trade is a relatively new player in the digital options marketplace having started in 2014.

They are approved by FinaCom making them a practical choice for most online traders. Their history is very much as a Russian broker; however, they function globally and are set up to serve global traders from Asia to South America.

Where makes them different from other digital option brokers is that they do not offer a broad variety of assets that other brokers do. With many of the options brokers providing the opportunity to trade on as many as 200 assets, Olymp Trade only offers currency pairs, silver, and gold which might not be a good option for the vast traders.

Olymp Trade trading platform will be great for beginner traders as well as for experienced traders who have been trading binary options for a long time. The Olymp Trade team guides you on how to trade and earn high returns.

Why do traders prefer the Olymp Trade Brokers? While using Mobile apps using only the most advanced technology, high-speed gain spots as well as ensuring quality-confirmed permits from The Financial Commission.

To begin trading binary options, you need to create an account, log in on the trading platform and start discovering the universe of trading binary options

Another variant of Olymp Trade is the low level of entry they allow. Traders can begin trading with as little as $10 deposit with minimum trades of just $1. This guide will show everything you need to know before choosing Olymp Trade as your broker.

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Open Your First Trade Olymp trade

Binary options brokers allow smaller trade completion times. Why buy Google or Apple stock and wait years until your investments return profits in dividend for themselves when you can choose to buy a call option and in just a few minutes earn at least 90% of your investment.

This might be confusing if you do not know how to trade but would like to know so that you can make the right decision

If you do not know how to start a trade and you, but you’re interested in starting immediately with the Olymp Trade platform this guide is for you.

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Parabolic SAR Strategy – Olymp trade

What this Parabolic SAR Strategy in trading basically means is that that the strategy will help traders know which trend will end or when the trend will likely end. The way it shows you the likely hood of trend ending is by placing dots above or beloe=w the price of an asset you are observing.

When they appear either above or below an asset, you will know what to do with the asset. This guide will show you how to study and understand what Parabolic SAR Strategy is and how to use it when reading data using Olymp Trade.

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Binary Gambit” – Trading On the News with Olymp trade

Trading in binary options is perceived to be easy. Hence, it is better to choose easy tactics for this type of trading. Examination of signs from indicators, graphics tools, and even more significant indicators only hinders the method of trading binary contracts.

Such a comfortable and convenient trading strategy is the “Binary Gambit,” developed by prosperous traders, especially for Olymp Trade Binary Options trading. Other brokers do not offer this method of trading, and it depends on a lot on economic news that is coming up in a few days or happening at the moment.

This guide will tell you all about Binary Gambit.

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Moving Average Trading Strategy – Olymp trade

Technical analysis is essential if you want to know how to read the market and make the right decisions to make profits regularly. One of the most popular trading tools, experts use to analyze the market data is the moving averages.

Moving averages are incredible if you understand how to use them but most amateur traders though, make some disastrous errors when it comes to trading with moving averages.

In this guide, you will get to know everything you need to know about moving averages and know how to select the type and length of the ideal moving average using Olymp Trade.

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RSI Strategy On the Trend Reversal – Olymp trade

The RSI indicator (relative strength index) enables you to plan for when the trend will reverse its path. It is one of the most popular tools that is used by traders in trading binary options.

The profusion of the RSI indicator is justified how it’s easy to use. The line that is under the frame shows the zones of either assets that are “overbought” and assets that are “oversold.”

When the graph raises above specific values, you should then expect a price reduction. For the declining trend, the reverse is true. If RSI drops too much, the condition will change in the market.

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