What you should learn from animals to be a successful trader

animal kingdomThe world of animals is very diverse. There are plenty of different species with their own lifestyles. However, there is something they have in common. The survival instinct. They all need to eat to live and so they have developed various tactics to reach the same goal which is to get the prey. Hunger and hunting are crucial for animals such as lions, crocodiles or cheetahs.

Traders are very different as well. And there are many distinctive tactics one can use to achieve success. In fact, we can learn some important lessons from the animals mentioned above. They are intelligent, they are creative and they possess some successful characteristics. Let’s see what they can teach us about tricks in hunting.


Lessons for traders straight from the animal kingdom

Animals are determined to get what they want. This is a condition for their survival. They had to invent some tactics to strengthen chances for success. It does not happen all the time that the prey is within reach. Therefore they need to be ready when the right moment comes. What are the lessons the animals can teach the traders?

Take confidence from the lions

The lions choose the prey. Then they follow it patiently observing its movements. At the very precise moment, they take action with confidence and determination. There is no space for hesitation. They chase the target until it is caught.

trading confidence from a lionTraders should learn such confidence from the lions. Lack of confidence and fear of failure often leads to taking the wrong decisions. It is not so rare that the traders do not open positions even though they have received signals to do so and at the end, they regret because the transaction would turn to be profitable. Such inaction is caused by not enough confidence.

You need to be determined. You need to take the lions’ powerful attitude. Follow your trading strategy and trust the signals you receive from it. Do not be afraid and you will not wake up with another opportunity missed.

Be patient, disciplined and adaptable like a crocodile

Crocodiles are extremely patient creatures. They can stay not days but weeks under the surface of the water until the prey comes into sight. They bring themselves close to starvation. But they are smart. They would sit tight and wait for the prey to come close to them rather than to lose energy on chasing the target. And when this happens, they attack in silence with exceptional precision. They get the prey in the water and then it will be eaten alive.

It may seem to you that the crocodiles have a lazy nature. In fact, they are very disciplined and adaptable. The water is their element and they use it to stay put until the right moment arrives. They are not satisfied with some minor opportunities. They are waiting for large fat prey.

being disciplined like a crocodileThe traders should definitely learn how to be patient and self-controlled. Not to jump on any occasion you spot on the price chart but wait, observe carefully the market and attack when a big profitable trade is in range.

It will require you to be disciplined. It is not so easy to just sit and watch. You may feel frustration or boredom. But this is it. You must follow your trading strategy and take action when the time is right.

Additionally, a trader should be adaptable to changing market conditions. The price is going up and down and sometimes it is making unpredictable moves. Avoid unnecessary losing trades and learn to wait for the positive turn of events.

Be observant like a cheetah

When you hear the name ‘cheetah’ you probably think ‘fast’. While this is true that cheetahs are the fastest land animals this is not the only characteristic they possess. They often remain motionless before they strike. They observe their surroundings from a hill or a tall tree and search for the best prey for their hunt. Then they wait for a specific behaviour, panic, losing control and getting isolated out of the whole herd. This makes prey a pretty easy target.

being observant like a cheetahThe traders should do the same. They should analyse the market before entering the position. Wait for the moment when other investors begin to buy or sell in panic or greed and then strike. Use someone else’s emotional trading to your advantage.


The animal kingdom is an amazing world. The traders should not underestimate the lessons they can learn from it. Observe the behaviour of the animals in natural habitat, how they prepare themselves for hunting and what tricks they use to get what they want.

You have the same goal – being successful. Develop useful skills and practice a lot. This will take you on the right path.

Wish you success!