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Using Chat on Pocket Option

By using the “Chat” option on the Pocket Option you get a chance to talk to the support service on the platform as well as directly communicate with other traders on the platform. Additionally, you can access other useful sections such as notifications, analytics (including specific market reviews, such as the cryptocurrencies market, information on certain assets or currency pairs and so on), news related to the platform and promotional opportunities on the platform.

Support Team Chat

You can always contact the support team on Pocket Option to quickly get assistance. This is available under the “Chat” section on the left side panel of the interface where you can choose the “Support Team” chat located on the top of the list of your chats.

support chat pocket option

Support chat is one of the most convenient, fast and easily available ways to get help on the platform which furthermore can be accessed 24/7. You can also easily attach files such as screenshots to facilitate the process of getting help.

This option is available to all the users who have reached Beginner level of their profile or higher. Note that there are also several rules and guidelines related to using this chat, including the basic ones such as being respectful to other users and the broker, not including any advertising or promotion activities or providing trading advice.

The language of the chat available to you is linked to the language of your profile.

General Chat

Pocket Option allows for social trading and connects users on the platform. General chat on the platform gives you the opportunity to ask questions related to trading as well as platform use, or get to know and communicate with other traders in the community. You may also find some of your doubts already answered or get other useful insights.

You can join general chat alongside other users by choosing the “General chat” option under the “Chat” section on the left side of your platform interface.

Chat with traders

In fact, you can also chat with a specific trader on the platform from the General chat; to do so, click on the avatar of that specific trader and choose to send them a message, like shown on the image below.

personal chat pocket option

You can also search for a specific user, channel or chat using the search option. You can join a chat by simply clicking on it. In case you don’t want to be a part of it anymore, click on chat’s option and choose “Leave the chat”.

Creating your own chat

Of course, not only you can join existing channels or chats on the platform, you can also create them yourself. To do so, click the “+” sign under the chat section. You can choose a title as well as upload a picture for the icon of the chat. It is a good idea to  remind yourself of the rules of using a chat with other users on Pocket Option.

Create chat pocket option

Channels: Analytics, Promotions and News

The Channel section under Chat also provides you with the useful information on market analytics, news and promotions available on the platform.

channel pocket option

The promotion section informs you on the existing bonuses (such as deposit bonuses) and promotions available on Pocket Option, while News section gives you updates on new available assets, features, competitions, as well as technical information, such as maintnance periods or new additional methods of deposit and withdrawal. The analytics sections provides information on specific market reviews or company developments, currency pairs updates, specific indicator analysis and so on.


The notifications section (with the envelope sign) keeps you updated about any of the new messages as well as important actions taken by you on Pocket Option.

The chat feature on Pocket Option gives you a great opportunity to directly get support as well as connect with other users on the platform, look at analytics, promotions and news. Enjoy trading on Pocket Option and best of luck!

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