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Pocket Option platform is very easy and intuitive in use, and this includes the functionalities of user profile. Let’s look at these possibilities on the platform in a greater detail.


User Profile

You can look and modify your user profile by going on the profile avatar on the top right corner of the interface or by clicking the “Profile” button on the left panel:

Profile on Pocket Option

Here you can find 4 different sections, your trading and personal profile, information on security and your trading history. Let’s have a look at the personal profile first.

Personal profile pocket option

Your personal profile

There are several distinct sections of your profile, starting with the basic identification information such as the full name, date of birth, address, some of which are obligatory to fill in. Then there is a section which requires your documentation submission (such as a scan of a passport, ID card or a driving license, credit or debit card information and finally the section related to your public profile (“Social Trading”). Here you can make you profile private or visible to others by sliding the “Hide my profile” button.

You can always change your profile picture by uploading a photo or a picture from your computer after scrolling down to “Social Trading” on the profile.

Pocket Option profile avatar

There is also a possibility of changing your name in the same section by clicking on the “Nickname” button and choosing a name that you find the most appropriate; finally, you can manage your notification settings, change the language of your profile or fully delete the account.

Your trading profile

Your trading profile has all of the information on your trading activity. This includes the total number of deals, total and net turnover from trading, profitability of trades, minimum and maximum sizes of deals. You can always filter that information on a specific date, like shown on the image below. This overview also provides a visual presentation on the distribution and amounts of trades by specific assets or asset OTC, history of profitability, as well as the list of live, demo and social trades.

Trading profile pocket option


Your security on the platform is as important to trading as the your knowledge and skills or trading features of the platform. You can manage several security options on your profile. The security tab on your profile allows you to change your password (“change password” button) by first confirming the old one and then entering a new strong password. In case you forgot your password you can always recover it through email with an reset link.

You can also authorize a two-factor authentification (2FA) for both withdrawing funds and logging in on the right hand side of the tab, like shown below.

2FA activation pocket option

This adds on an additional level of security on your account beyond the usual password, either through a Google Authenticator (authenticator based on a special software) or through your phone via an SMS. Once you slide the button, you should receive an email with an activation link in which is valid for 15 minutes:

2FA pocket option

The link will the direct you to a new window with a link to download the app (either for Ios or Android devices), an alphanumeric key or a QR code to be entered into the app (there should be a “+” button once the application is downloaded). The process for SMS verification is similar, except that you are required to submit a code that you receive on your phone via a text message.

2FA app Pocket option 1

You can also have look at your login history and information on the current active session. This allows you to track dates, devices, country, browser etc on which the trading account has been accessed.

Trading history

The trading history tab has several different sections in it. You can find a list of your trades, both live and demo, under the “Trading history” tab. There is a separate section containing history of express trades, which is an innovative type of trade orders that allows to multiply payout ratios by combining several forecasts at the same time and which can then deliver a group payout instead of individual trades. Likewise, there is a tab with the history of social trading, a function on the platform that allows you to copy trades of other users of Pocket Option, history of all MT5 trades, carried out using the integrated Metatrader terminal within the platform and finally a list of all your pending trades.

Trading history tab pocketoption

Trading Accounts Pocket Option

It is also a good idea to learn about the different trading account that are available on Pocket Option; there are 6 in total.

Trading accounts Pocket Option

Quick trading (available for both for real and demo accounts) is an innovative feature on Pocket Option and allows to place your trading orders with a specific time for expiration, between a minimum time of 30 seconds to several hours even before the expiration. In simple words, this gives you a possibility of trading using only a set expiration time that depends on a specific timeframe, which can be easier and faster. This option may be used, for example, for those who are planning on executing a trade around some economic or company-specific event. Quick trading is in fact quite similar to the usual trading of binary options with the exception of the ability to change the expiration time.

You can set the time when the position will be closed i.e. expire, one the side bar of the page:

expiration time quick trading pocket option

Digital trading is the traditional type of trading that uses determined time frames for orders to be placed and a fixed time for closing order. You can set the time before your contract is purchased and the amount of money placed on the trade:

Digital trading Pocket option

Finally, you can swith your trading mode to the MT5 Forex account that uses an integrated terminal for trading on the Forex market, both real and demo, which is available for users with “Experienced” profile level and a minimum deposit amount of $1,000.

Hopefully by now you have a better understanding of how to manage your personal profile and trading accounts on the platform and enjoy Pocket Option. Best of luck!

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Risk Warning: The trading products offered by the companies listed on this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never trade money that you cannot afford to lose.