First a bit about the companyRegulated broker trust 24option
The 24option broker and trading platform is operating for quite some time. The broker is founded in 2009.
I tested many trading platforms but so far this is one of the biggest ones out there. It offers good options for beginner and professional traders. I really had nothing but positive experiences with this broker, and many traders choose 24option as their one and only trading platform.
My first experience with 24Option
So, when I started trading I really did not understand all the aspects of CFD options trading until I signed up in the 24option platform, the list of features they offer to beginner traders is really incomparable to any other broker. They offer excellent personal support for beginner traders, as well.
What  does 24Option offer for beginner traders?
So many brokers will offer trading videos, but the one 24option got have a really high quality and they cover all the aspects of CFD options trading.
You can watch the videos which will introduce you to the basics of CFD options trading, then you have the next chapters: trading psychology, financial management, market analysis  and also a trading platform tutorial. Everything is organized and transparent, so you’ll be able to learn the basics through these amazing videos.
Live Webinars
Another thing they offer is free live training webinars where you will see how the professionals are trading. Let’s say that they will show you how they trade using technical analysis, which means they analyze stock market charts.  They will explain fundamental analysis, economic forecasts and so on.
They will also call or cover the chapters like risk management and how to invest wisely. So it’s a very good thing and you can join as many webinars as you want. I have personally joined a lot of them myself,  especially when I started trading.  These webinars helped me a lot to grow in my trading career.
24option Demo Account
The next feature that they offer is the Demo Mode, where you can practice with  $1000 of virtual money.
The only inconvenient is that you can only get access to this mode, when you already signed up to a real account and made a minimum deposit of $100.
But if you have a low budget, I recommend you to try the broker ”IQ option”,  they offer a 100% free demo account without any deposit.
Check out our IQ Option Review.
However, signing up is free, and you’ll have access to everything in their video center; the interactive e-books and you can join the webinars. So, if you’re a beginner, I really recommend you to check out the 24 Option´s website and see what they have to offer in their education center.
The link down below will take you to the registration page, which will give you access to the education center. So, you just need to fill the form without any deposit requirement.
General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk
More about the platform itself

The first types of CFD options are their “high/low” or “above and below” option. These type of options are very similar, but the difference is the range with wich you can trade, in terms of where it needs to be above or below, as well, the payout profile. The standard high/low option is a standard above or below option, where the payouts are similar to industry standards, anywhere between 70 and 85 percent.

To trade those types of options, you are looking to see if the market is going to be above or below the current levels. Most of the expirees on there are the type of expirees that can be changed up and down the ladder. Their above or below options are similar to the extent that they have to be above or below a particular level, but the level is slightly higher or lower than the current level. These type of CFD options have a payout that is much larger than standard, ranging from 200 to 400 percent.

24Options expirees

In terms of the expirees, they are actually pinpointing certain expirees, not giving you a plethora of choices. The assets that they trade are a full range of assets which include currencies, commodities, individual stocks, and a bunch of equity indices. The second type of CFD option that is offered by 24Option are the one- touch options. One-touch options are also offered by other types of trading platforms, but here they, again, offer two different types of one-touch options.

24Option Review broker awards

24Option one-touch option

A one-touch option does not need to be above or below a specific level at the expiree. All it needs to do is touch a particular level prior to the expiring. In their standard one-touch or no-touch options, and a no-touch option means that the asset will not touch a particular level, and if it does not touch that particular level before the expiree, they give you a pair. That standard return is, again, between 70 and 85 percent on a number of different assets. Again, they list all the particular assets, as you can see here, that they trade on their platform. The actual times, again, are filled for you. So, you can’t customize those particular options. The high yield one-touch option, again, similar to the standard, except the particular levels are higher or lower than the standard.

24Option boundary options

For this privilege, they will give you a return that, again, is anywhere between 200 and 400 percent. They actually, again, as you can see, customize. They do not customize the particular expiree time for those particular one-touch options. The third type of CFD option that is used by 24Option are boundary options. These are options that actually have a particular range. The boundary for them is listed.

As you can see, they will tell you, “Here’s the current market for the Euro against the US dollar, at 137.22.4,” and if it’s either above something that is five pips above or below, something that might be five pips below. You have a choice to determine whether it’s going to be in that range or out of that range, by the expiree time of the CFD option.

24 Option payout

For their standard boundary CFD options with a minimum trade of , the payouts again are anywhere between 70 and 85 percent. They also have the high yielding CFD option. In that case, similar, the ranges might be a little bit further away. The return profile that they offer is much greater for that particular type of high yielding CFD option. They again list all the types of assets that you can trade, or again, in individual sub-components, such as indices or Forex or individual stocks.24Option review money pool

24Option Minimum Trade

Whit 24Option the minimum trade is a little higher than usual, It starts from $24. But on the other hand, this goes all the way up to $15000.

24Option short-term options

The last type of options they offered is short-term options. with this option, you can drop the expiry time all the way down to 30-seconds. the return profits are a little bit less than the usual 60-second expiry, but so far we know is this the only broker how offers this. and this is possible in all the regular assets that you can trade.

Numerous types of CFD options

As you move up the scale to two minute options, and then again five minute options, the payout profiles climb slightly for each one of them. By having the opportunity to trade numerous types of CFD options, this platform gives you the edge, in terms of what you might be looking for to trade different types of CFD options in different circumstances and situations to try to benefit and trade. If you click on the “About us” tab and go to the “My account” sub-tab, it will give you a whole bunch of information about what they can offer you in terms of the account. What I looked at in particular was starting with deposits and the way you could make deposits, which are pretty standard toward the industry. You can use credit cards to deposit.

24Option minimum deposit24Option Review withdrawal Deposit

You can use money brokers or electronic payments, as well as wire transfers. The minimum to open a credit card is 100 US dollars for both. It’s similar for electronic payments. They have a minimum of $1000 for wire transfer, for deposits on their particular platform. Then, a number of different underlying rules that should be taken a look at prior to making a deposit. For withdrawals, they have a similar type of methodology. One thing that they do say within their text is they will only withdraw back to the source of the initial funds. So, if you made a credit card deposit, they are only going to withdraw and return your money back to that credit card. If you did a wire transfer, and you want it back to the credit card, they will not do that. They will go only back to the original source. They require an official ID with a picture, a proof of address, and if it was a credit card, that particular credit card that shows the last four digits on the number.

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

24Option withdrawal And Fee

24Option Review Deposit withdrawal options

they offer 23 divergent methods to deposit or withdrawal whits is also a nice plus. And they really make a point of being as secure as possible and have a number of stipulations about any fees associated withdrawals, based on credit cards after the first time. So, the first time is free with a credit card. On a regular account after that, they’ll have a charge. They have different types of accounts, such as a gold account and a platinum account. In these particular accounts, they give you slightly more information about the markets. They tell you the different things that they can trade, as well as the costs associated with withdrawals from that.

Standard Fees of 24 Option after your first-time free withdrawal :

24Option withdrawal fee

Personally, I never had any Withdrawal problems whit them. I recommend that you use this Digital wallet because of their very low transaction fees, and their Secure safety. Click the link to check it out 😉

24Option Smartphone App
yes, their trading platform is also accessible with a smartphone or a tablet.
Open 24Option Account

It’s just a great broker for beginners and a lot of experts are trading with 24Option as well. I highly recommended as one of the most very safe and secure trading platforms.  if you think this is your broker of Choices, then check the link down below to sign up for Free and have a look at the platform.

Thank you for visiting and good luck trading

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk