Banc De Binary

Banc De Binary is a binary options broker which is present on the market from 2008. According to users’ Banc De Binary reviews, this is a trustworthy broker which is dedicated to providing customers with the best services and a large number of assets which they can choose from. The company operates in over 80 countries and has over 250.000 clients around the globe. Traders also get the latest news from the broker which enables them to plan their moves when it comes tot he investments. In this Banc de Binary review, we will take a look at the different services which this broker offers and how you can use them if you are a New Zealand trader, as well as we will explore the opinions that users have shared.

Banc De Binary Account

Types In order to start trading with Banc De Binary, you need to open an account first. Banc De Binary offers different types of accounts which clients can choose from in accordance to their needs and the amount of money they are willing to deposit. The broker offers three different standard accounts, two premium Lion accounts, and one exclusive account. Let’s take a look at each of the account separately:

  • Bronze Account

The Bronze Account is the most basic account which Banc De Binary offers. A user can open one such account by depositing $250, which makes this account perfect for novices according to Banc De Binary reviews. With this type of account, you will receive an access to webinars twice a month, as well as daily market reviews.

  • Silver Account

The Silver Account at Banc De Binary is priced from $2500 to $5000. With this type of account you will receive the benefits of a Bronze Account, as well as trading alerts and access to luxury loyalty gift store. You will also be able to directly contact your account manager for 10 days and you will be receiving trading signals for one month.

  • Gold Account

The Gold Account at Banc De Binary is one of the more premium accounts offered by Banc De Binary. With this account, you will be able to receive a lot of different benefits such as the following:

  • Daily market reviews and financial research
  • Access to webinars twice a month
  • Trading alerts and event analysis
  • Luxury loyalty store gift
  • Direct line to your account manager
  • Trading signals from Trading Central
  • Bonus protected trades from account manager
  • Introductory private session with an analyst
  • Smart money management plan

The Gold Account at Banc De Binary is priced between $5000 and $10.000.

  • Premium Account

This Premium Account at Banc De Binary costs above $10.000 and up to $25.000. Being one of the more expensive accounts which the broker offers, the Premium Account comes with all of the benefits of the Gold Account, plus some other cool advantages, such as:

  • Bonus protected trades from account manager
  • Direct line to your account manager
  • Trading alerts and event analysis Introductory private session with an analyst
  • Smart money management plan
  • Analyst educational program
  • Luxury loyalty store gift
  • Expedited withdrawals
  • First access to all option contracts
  • Platinum Account

This type of account is an account for investors who like to play huge in the world of binary trading. In order to gain access to a Platinum Account, you would have to deposit at least $25.000. This type of account comes with all the benefits of the Premium Account, plus several others, namely:

  • Access to premium trade room
  • Invite to exclusive VIP events
  • Platform payouts 2-3% higher
  • Exclusive Accounts

The Exclusive Accounts at Banc De Binary are the absolute Jasks of all trades. This are Invitation Only accounts, meaning that not everyone can get a hold of one such account. The starting price point for the Exclusive Accounts is $100.000.

The trader also offers users the access to a demo account. The demo account will be very users who are novices and who would like to take a look around at the platform and how things work before getting into real trading. By registering for a demo account, users will get a sense of how real trading works and familiarize themselves with the platform and the trading options.

Customer Service

Banc De Binary offers users a steady and reliable customer service which they can contact if any doubt. The live chat options the first thing you will see on Banc De Binary Website. By initiating a live chat, you can talk to a representative of the company who will answer to all your questions. Also, the company offers live chat support via Skype, meaning that you can simply give them a call.

On Banc De Binary website, you can also find other contact information which you can use depending on your location. Just select the location and you will see the available means of contact.

According to what users said in their Banc De Binary reviews, the customer service is really a one you can rely on and get a fast reply. This is crucial in the world of binary trading – all of the queries need to be answered immediately so the investor does not lose any time or potentially – money.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Banc De Binary offers users a great array of payment and withdrawal methods they can use depending on the location that they are in. Wire transfer is available for users from any country in the world, as well as credit cards which are processed via clearing agency. Also, the broker offers a lot of different alternative payment methods. For example, if you live in New Zealand, you can make deposits and withdrawals via Polinz.

Banc De Binary is a certified broker which is involved in Anti-money laundering policies in order to provide users with a safe experience. In order to withdraw money you would have to confirm your identity by submitting a copy of your ID, a copy of your credit card and a proof of residence.

Assets and Binary Options Types

Banc De Binary is a trusted and awarded broker due to the company’s efforts to offer clients with a steady customer service, a majority of assets, and a stable platform.

Traders who trade with Banc De Binary have the opportunity to trade with a number of different assets – 190 to be exact. The assets are divided into four different categories: commodities, indices, stocks, and currencies.

When it comes to the binary options types, Banc De Binary offers the famous Call/Put option, which according to Banc De Binary reviews, this is a favourite options for traders. The Call/Put option is a simple way of trading, where the user have to predict the price of a certain asset. To put it even in simpler words, the trader needs to guess whether the price of the asset will go up or down in comparison to the current price by the end of the expiry time. If the user guessed right, then it is a clear win situation.

Banc De Binary Trading Platform

Banc De Binary offers its users a stable and easy-to-use trading platform. The platform is easy to navigate through, and selecting and asset to invest in is very obvious. Banc De Binary also offers its users a mobile app which is available for iOS and Android. The app is user-friendly, and it offers users the same capabilities as the desktop version. User who are often on the move can enjoy trading in every environment, and the only thing they would need in order to do so is a stable internet connection, and of course, a smartphone or a tablet.

We can agree with many Banc De Binary reviews that this broker is definitely one of the best ones on the market. If you are looking to become a trader, the Banc De Binaryis definitely a broker you should consider. The customer service and the stable platform is what draws more and more customers to the platform. In order to make sure, be sure to check out the platform yourself and read more Banc De Binary reviews!

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk