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Binary Brokerz

With the booming of the trading industry, there are tons of binary brokers available online which you can choose from. BINARY BROKERZ is one such broker which can provide you with excellent services from the field of binary trading, and help you earn through its services. The services which BINARY BROKERZ provides are designed to match the level of experience of all people, regardless if they are seasonal traders or new-comers, or if they have been trading in the field for a longer period of time. You can benefit from different options which BINARY BROKERZ offers, such as daily analysis, video training library and different webinars available for you! In this BINARY BROKERZ review, we will thoroughly examine the options which BINARY BROKERZ offers!

BINARY BROKERZ Trading Services

With BINARY BROKERZ, customers have the possibility to trade with more than hundreds of assets, including a large number of stocks, commodities, indices, and currency pairs. What makes BINARY BROKERZ once of the most popular binary broker of the modern age is the wide range of trading tools it offers to its customers, meaning that customers have different options to choose from and find their way to the optimal success of their business!

Each trader who has chosen BINARY BROKERZ will have a financial professional who will take care of all needs that the trader has in order to ensure that the efforts are moving in an upward direction. According to many BINARY BROKERZ reviews from customers, the financial professional will be taking care of all investment goals, needs and interests of the trader. BINARY BROKERZ is fully oriented toward giving its clients a personal approach, which can really make a difference in the growth of the client‘s business.

BINARY BROKERZ has multiple different services for its clients, and with the help of the personal financial professional, you can really make your trading business a real success! Among the many services it provides, you can find:

  • Advanced risk management tools
  • Own education center which gives traders the needed insights and guides in order to make the most out of their trading experience
  • Simple an easy mobile trading through their trading app
  • A 100% safe and secure trading
  • Custom accounts for the needs of their customers
  • A guaranteed high payout from up to $92.
  • Personalized professional help for customers who are in need
  • Daily updates, market reviews and posts
BINARY BROKERZ Demo Account Services

BINARY BROKERZ offers a demo account to its customers, under the motto “Play before You Pay”. With such demo account, customers can have a real-life simulation of how it would really be to trade with real money. By opening and trading with a demo account, customers will be able to gain the needed confidence for stepping in into the world of binary trading. This is a completely risk-free option, meaning that customers who are trading with their demo accounts will not have to worry about any potential losses. The demo account works with virtual money, and exists solely for the purpose of giving novices a sense of how binary trading works, and according to BINARY BROKERZ reviews from customers this is a perfect way to get started without having to jump to trading with real money from the start.


At Binary Brokers, there are four different account types which the customer can choose from depending on what they are looking for and how much money they are willing to start with:

  • Basic Account

You can sign up for a basic account by depositing an amount between $250 and $999. Before starting to trade with real money, you can get access to your demo account and see how things work. With this type of account, you will get an eBook about binary trading, a 25% welcome bonus, as well as 5 video tutorials specially designed for the users of Basic Accounts.

  • Silver Account

The Silver Account provides many different advantages that the users can take advantage of. In order to obtain a Silver Account, you will have to make a payment between $1000 and $2499. Besides receiving a demo account, users will receive a 35% welcome bonus, daily reviews of the market activity, 10 advanced tutorials, specially designed for this type of account, and a personal account manager which will help you get everything on the right track. A wonderful thing about this account is that you will get a risk-free 5% on all deals.

  • Gold Account

According to many BINARY BROKERZ reviews, the Gold Account is the most popular account which this broker provides – and for a good reason. The advantages of this type of account include a senior personal account manager, a 50% welcome bonus, 20 video tutorials, a risk-free 10%, and of course, a demo account. In order to get access to such account, you will need to deposit an amount between $2.500 and $9.999.

  • Platinum Account

The Platinum Account is the one made for the big players in this field. It is quite an exclusive account, considering that the minimum deposit is $10.000. Naturally, the most expensive account will come with the greatest number of advantages. This particular account includes advantages such as everyday updates regarding the activities on the market, a chief account manager to help you out on your way, private phone calls before any important and high impact announcements are made, a 75% welcome bonus, risk-free 20%, 50 video tutorials, and a demo account. The Platinum Account, as you can see for yourself, and as the BINARY BROKERZ reviews say, offers some great benefits which will give you a huge leap into the world of binary trading.

A Trading Platform for Web and Mobile

Living in a world where we often have to be on the move, it is nice to have a trading platform which you can access at any time. BINARY BROKERZ gives you the opportunity to stay up-to-date with all important aspects of your trading efforts, regardless of your location and the device you are using. In order to have users updated at all times, BINARY BROKERZ has their own mobile app, which has all of the options that the web platform offers. The app is available for both Android and iOS, and you can easily find it on the app stores, together with many BINARY BROKERZ reviews regarding its functionality. Through the app, you can monitor the activity of your account, stay updated with all the events on the market, make instant and safe trades, and much more – all that through your smartphone or tablet!

BINARY BROKERZ Customer Support

The simplicity of the BINARY BROKERZ platform makes it easy for users to navigate through and easily find what they are looking for. However, exceptions may happen and you may find yourself in a situation which is not a 100% clear for you. If in doubt – BINARY BROKERZ has a dedicated support team which will provide assistance in all unclear situations!

The support team is at disposal for all customers, regardless of the account type you are using or the country which you reside in. The support team is available 24/7, and you can even utilize a live chat! You can also reach out to them through email or a direct phone call. BINARY BROKERZ keeps in mind that not all customers speak English, and for that purpose they provide a multi-lingual support for all non-English speakers. The support team will always go an extra mile in order to solve all problems or eliminate all doubts according to what customers said in the BINARY BROKERZ reviews!

Make an Investment with BINARY BROKERZ

Transactions and investments are the core of BINARY BROKERZ, and that is why there are different ways in which you can make a money deposit. There is something for everyone – and you can make a transaction using the method which suits you the best! BINARY BROKERZ offers different options, such as credit or debit card such as Maestro or Visa, e-wallets, Skrill, WebMoney, and even wire transfer. The currencies which you can make the transaction in are United States Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Euros, and Great Britain Pounds. All transactions are 100% safe and secure, meaning that you will not have to worry about your money not ending in the right place.

How to Verify Your Account?

The safety of the traders in the number one matter which BINARY BROKERZ is concerned with. Fraud and theft are out of the question, which is why the broker demands traders to verify their trading account by submitting legal documentation, including:

  • An ID issued by the government of the country of residence
  • A proof of residency
  • Back and front copy of the credit card which you are using to make deposits
  • A Declaration of Deposit from, filled and signed by you

Without these documents, you will not be able to verify your account and start with your trading activities. However, according to what traders say in their BINARY BROKERZ reviews, this is a good thing since it provides an extra sense of security.

If you are looking to make your entry into the world of trading, BINARY BROKERZ is the ultimate place to start. Regardless if you are a novice in the world of binary trading, or a skilled professional who is looking to step up their efforts, this broker will give you everything you need to make a big profit. It is no surprise that more and more people are choosing Binary Brokers – it is a trustworthy service which gives you access to different tools, eBooks, and video tutorials, and plus, their customer service is always there to provide an assistance in all confusing situations. Check out more BINARY BROKERZ reviews online, visit the BINARY BROKERZ website and start trading today!

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

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