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Although there are hundreds of binary options brokers operating online, it’s quite rare to find one that’s based in Australia. This is what makes High Low one of the unique online brokerage firms. High Low started operating online in 2014 and is owned by High Low markets PTY Limited. It’s a fully regulated brokerage firm whose license number under the Australian securities and investments commission is 364264. The company’s location is level 14, Macquarie House, 167 Macquarie Street in Sydney Australia. It’s worth noting that although regulated by the Australian securities and investments commission, High Low accepts traders from across the globe with the exception of the US.

High Low a scam or legit binary options broker?Highlow review baby scam

One of the easy ways to discover whether an online binary options brokerage firm is legit or not is checking if they’re fully regulated. Being regulated ensures that your investment is insured and that the company complies with laws set to protect consumers.

After conducting our investigation, one thing we noted is the transparency with which High Low conducts its business. Everything you need to know about the company is explicitly outlined on their main website.

Another feature that clearly points to the legitimacy of a High Low online binary options brokerage firm is the steady flow of web traffic it receives. For the five months, we kept track of the site (September 2016 to February 2017) the High Low’s web traffic has been steadily growing from 710,000 to 890,000 visitors. This steady growth is an indicator that new and experienced traders trust the online platform and are using it to make money trading binary options. Scam platforms usually experience a dip in web traffic once word spreads about their business.

If you want to try the Australian platform? Click the link with will take you to the official website. For a new sign up you will get one $50 trade risk-free.

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Why should you consider High Low as your online binary options trading platform?

If you’re looking for a fully regulated binary options brokerage firm with a great deal of transparency, trader friendly terms and bonuses, High Low is worth considering. The website is built upon the Markets Pulse online platform which is quite stable. They also offer a virtual demo account with AUD $10,000 to get started. You can also get started trading with as little as $10 which is quite fair considering many competing brokers require a minimum deposit that’s much higher.

Notable High Low shortcomings for new traders

Compared to many online brokers High Low doesn’t offer many options trading features. You won’t find popular features such as one touch, range or boundary trading options. However, considering that the firm has been operating online for just over 3 years, you should expect that these features will be eventually added. Some of the features you’ll find include 30 second, 60 seconds, 3 minute and 5-minute trades which allow you to get in and out of trades quickly.

High Low: a binary options trader friendly platform

High Low is one of the few online binary options platforms that offer trader-friendly terms. You can easily hone your trading skills on the virtual demo account without risking your own money. What sets their demo account apart from competitors is how easy you can start using it. There’s no tedious signup process and no obligation to start trading with real money. We’re not sure if there’s a time limit set on how long you can use the demo account. However, given that it’s easy to get started and there’s no signup process, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it out.

Highlow review girl binary optionThe bonus terms are also quite good with payouts of up to 200%. They also regularly offer excellent incentives for new traders. At the time of writing, they’re offering a $50 cash back campaign on first trades for new accounts opened. The minimum amount you can deposit is AUD$10 or USD $50. This is one of the lowest minimum required deposits you’ll find on the market. This low minimum deposit requirement allows you to try out the platform without the need to invest a lot of money beforehand. In addition, you can place a trade with as little as $10 which allows you to minimize risk and better manage your account.

Built upon the Markets Pulse platform, High Low is quite stable. If you’re looking for a simple trading platform without too many trading options, High Low is worth considering. The broker offers two trading options; high/low trading and spread high/low. The former option offers up to 100% payouts on successful trades while the latter offers up to 200% payouts. This is relatively higher compared to what’s offered by many competing binary options brokers.

Trade expiry is short term with a maximum period of 24 hours. Some of the trade expiry options you can choose from include 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 1 hour time periods. These options give you better control over the trade outcome as well as enable you to get in and out of trades easily. This comes in handy as far as account management goes.

High Low offers over 80 different assets you can trade. These include stocks, currency pairs, and precious metals. Each asset is presented with a chart, expiry time and payout option. This makes it easy for you to choose the trades you consider to be most profitable. The site is available in English and Japanese which we found quite limited compared to competing brokers which offer well over 5 language options.

Transparency is yet another reason why you should consider opening an account with High Low. Everything you need to know about the platform is explained on their website. However, the broker doesn’t offer a wide range of learning resources although these can be easily found online.

High Low trader complaints and scam alerts

Being a relatively new online binary options broker, High Low hasn’t attracted any complaints from traders. This can be attributed to the many trader-friendly terms and features that the broker offers. So far, High Low hasn’t been the headline of any scam alert but given the reputation they’ve built within such a short amount of time, we don’t expect this to change anytime soon.

Financial regulator warnings

In 2015, Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) released a list of businesses that were offering financial instruments trading services without proper authorization. High Low was among the businesses listed. This list appeared in the FSA Weekly Review number 171. It’s worth noting that High Low is only regulated by the Australian securities and investments commission so any laws regulating it are aimed at protecting Australian citizens. After checking the December 2016 issue of the FSA Weekly Review, we discovered the High Low wasn’t included which is an indicator that the FSA doesn’t prohibit Japanese citizens from trading on the platform.

High Low bonusesHighlow review bonus

High Low bonuses are trader-friendly and pretty much straightforward. You can earn bonuses in two ways. First, as a new trader, you can get up to $50 refunded on your first trade. Second, any subsequent trades you make will earn you points. These can be redeemed for cash each month. The cash is then deposited into your trading account where you can withdraw it or use it to make future trades.

Withdrawing your profits from High Low

Many online binary options brokers will only accept withdrawals made via wire transfer or credit card. High Low offers an additional option allowing you to make your withdrawals via E-Wallet (Neteller). This is a fast and convenient method for many traders.

Withdrawal requests are processed and sent to your account within 3 business days. In addition, you can withdraw as little as AUD $10 or USD $50. High Low charges a flat fee of 1.5% of the withdrawn amount. Other fees and charges applied will depend on your credit card company of bank.

Additional features

Despite the lack of learning resources, High Low makes it easy to learn how to trade binary options using a virtual demo account. Learning to trade with a demo account is usually faster and more enjoyable compared to reading volumes of text and watching videos. You’re not required to undergo any signup process or provide personal details such as your email address and financial information. All you need is access the demo account that’s credited with $10,000 virtual cash and start trading. The demo account is a mirror of a real trading account so it’s quite easy to transition from trading with virtual cash to trading with real cash.

Ex-currency pairs, precious metals, and 7 indices. As the platform continues to grow, we can guess that new assets will be added.

Trade expiry periods are short term. The maximum trade period is 24 hours. You can also place trades that run for as little as 30 seconds allowing you to make profits quickly.

Website’s ease of use

High Low’s website is well designed and easy to navigate through. The feature

User friendliness

The HighLow website is well designed and easy to navigate through. Their demo account and real cash trading accounts are intuitively designed and don’t have a lot of clutter which could be overwhelming to navigate through. Traders practicing with the demo account aren’t obligated to invest real cash or go through a tedious signup process to get started.

If you decide to trade options with HighLow, the minimum amount you can deposit is $10. The minimum amount needed to place a trade is $10 while the maximum is $2,000.

Currently, you can get us much as $50 refunded on your first trade. HighLow also offers trader friendly bonuses on trades placed each month.

High Low Minimum Deposits vs Minimum Trade

You can top up your trading account in three main ways, credit card, wire transfer or E-Wallet (Neteller).

The minimum amount you can deposit is gonna be $50 USD or $10 AUD. And then your minimum trade is gonna be $10, USD or $10 AUD.

So if you are just to do a few sample trades I think this platform is not gonna get you bankrupt.

You can withdraw your earnings through all the three methods which can be nice for the beginner or hobby traders out there.

highlow review deposit withdrawal

The withdrawal process is straightforward and you’ll receive your funds within 3 to 5 business days.

Many online brokers offer bonuses on deposits made. High Low takes a different approach by offering bonuses for trades made. You can get as much as $50 back on your first trade. Subsequent trades attract points which can eventually be redeemed for cash.

Commissions and effective returnshighlow review trump money

High Low doesn’t deduct any commissions on trades placed or withdrawals. This allows you to keep as much profits as possible. The only deduction made on your winnings is a flat 1.5% withdrawal fee. Additional fees imposed on your bank or Credit Card Company will however apply.

Effective returns on trades are quite high compared to many competing brokers. Standard binaries will attract returns of up to 100% while spreads will earn effective returns of up to 200%.

Contact and Support

High Low offers traders support through various channels including email and live chat. However, they don’t offer account managers.

Number of assets you can trade and trade expiry time

Compared to many competing online binary options brokers, High Low’s collection of assets is quite low. However, this is also advantageous since you can easily select a handful of assets to concentrate on. The assets available include 17 fores available on the site are pretty much what you’ll get on any other broker’s website. The practice demo account is a good addition for any trader wishing to practice without investing real cash. Built upon the Markets Pulse platform, High Low is quite stable as easily accessible through different internet enabled devices.

Currently, the website is available in English and Japanese which greatly limits its potential to attract traders who cannot speak either of these languages. The limited number of learning resources available also makes it hard for novice traders to get started. However, High Low makes up for this by providing and easy to use the free demo account.

General risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

High Low is a relatively new binary options brokerage firm that offers investors from Australia and other regions across the globe an opportunity to earn huge returns on trades. It’s a fully regulated broker that offers many trader friendly features. New traders can learn how the platform works by trying out their free demo account credited with $10,000. If you don’t want to risk a huge amount of cash on trades, High Low permits you to invest as little as AUD $10 per trade. Traders are rewarded with generous bonuses and high effective returns that can be as much as 200%. Trade expiry periods are short term making it easy to make fast profits and have better control over trade outcomes. Overall, if you’re looking for a secure and trader friendly online binary options broker, High Low is worth considering.

High Low AppHighlow mobile app
Highlow also developed a good working trading app to control your trading from smartphone or tablet.
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General risk Warning! your capital may be at risk