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There are different binary trading options and stock pair trading brokers. It is wise to conduct proper research before jumping onto any bandwagon.

Stockpair Review

Stockpair is considered one of the leading platforms for binary options trading. The broker has become more popular among traders because of its profitability and possibility.  Stockpair deals with regular assets including indices, commodities and Forex currency.

The service provider also allows investors to trade two stocks with relative strength. In addition, it boasts of

proprietary software revolutionized binary trading. You can take advantage of the free training to become more successful. The software is not only easy to understand but also has a responsive support team.

stockpair binary optionsIs Stockpair a Scam?

With the hard economic times, conmen ever plotting to walk away with your hard-earned cash in the name of binary trading platforms. We are proud to inform you that Stockpair is not a scam.

BSA and other trusted websites have monitored the trading platform for a long time and we can confidently attest that many investors are reaping huge profits from the platform. We have interviewed different traders about the services offered by Stockpair and a good number of them have a positive story to tell.

Stockpair has transformed the lives of many people in the world. The positive reviews all the internet clearly shows that Stockpair is taking good care of its customers. Most of the option traders told us that they are being paid in time. Although there were a few complainants, they are not as serious as we have seen with other companies that offer the same services as Stockpair.

Regulated Broker

Unlike other companies operating illegally in the country, Stockpair is controlled by different regulators from across Europe such as UK FCA. The number of regulators that have authorized the activities of the trading platforms proves that your cash is in safe hands hence you have no reason to worry about this broker.

Easy Access Worldwide

You can easily access the brokerage through both and These two sites have steady traffic thus you will not encounter issues to do with sudden spikes among other challenges that can ruin your day if you are looking for money from this form of trade.


Most of the traders from Europe prefer the .com domain. Research has indicated that France, UK, AND Germany are among the leading with 25.31% 8.66% and 7.81% of traffic respectively. The net domain has attracted traders from South Africa who rate at 12.13%

Stockpair demo account

This is the most asked question about Stockpair. where is my demo? To shoot this question directly out of they air, Stockpair does not offer a demo account. So if your a beginner trader and the free demo account is one of your criteria I recommend you to look at one of the other top brokers.


Unique Trading platform – the trading platforms offer the service that will make you fall in love with it even more.

Highly transparent – There is nothing hidden from customers. What you see is what is taking place at Stockpair. This means that you will have the peace of mind when conducting your business.

Very accurate – the level of accuracy is among the aspects to take into account when hiring a brokerage firm. Stockpair is very accurate when it comes to trading. There is nothing like errors at Stockpair.

User-friendly platform – The trading platform is ideal for beginners as well as experienced traders. You will not waste time in the name of navigating from one point to another since the website is simple. In simple terms, you will find everything where it is supposed to be.

Warm support – The support team at Stockpair is excellent. The company hires the team based on nothing but professionalism. The team operates 24/7 including weekends and holidays. In addition, the staff responds to queries in a friendly manner that will definitely impress you in the long run.

Great tools – The brokerage offers customers with great tools that make trading as easy as taking an evening walk at the park with friends. Traders can take advantage of the tools to make huge sums of money through this channel without going through much hassle over the same.

A multitude of regulators – The brokerage is controlled by different watchdogs from various parts of Europe. The company has also partnered with coach Lothar Matthäus, also football start who is going to act the ambassador of the brand as it seeks to expand its operations to different corners of the world in the coming years.


• The brokerage will stop allowing new traders from USA trading in binary options following EU and Cysec Regulation. This will not affect existing clients since they will be allowed to continue trading in binary options amidst the regulations.

• Traders from The United States of America (USA) will be forced to look for another broker because there will be no out-of-money refund on Stockpair for them.

• No Demo account

Why should you open an account with StockPair?

If you want to become the next millionaire in town then binary trading can be one of the best options and StockPair is the final destination for you. Up-to-date we are yet to come across a broker offering extras like they do at StockPair.

You can take the time to look at other brokers and you will definitely come back here because StockPair is second to none as far as profitability is concerned. The site offers customers with a fun browsing experience that makes it ideal for wealth creation.

Stockpair Review money broker

Stockpair offers high returns

The site is simple to use as well as modern in design. In terms of profits, StockPair offers some of the highest returns to customers than any other broker you are likely to find elsewhere. The service provider has an average of 82% return on a good percentage of the assets offers.

KIKO options

As a show of innovativeness at the company, StockPair introduced KIKO options, which is a new and unique way you for binary trading options. If you have been having problems in determining which expiry time you should use then worry no more because StockPair has eliminated the same to make life easier for customers who want to make money through this channel.

KIKO (Knock in Knockout) refers to a trading platform that offers customers with two target prices. One of the prices is above the current price while the other one is below. You only need to determine which of the prices is going to be hit first.

There is no reason to worry even if it takes 10 hours or more to reach any of the targets in question since there is no expiry time provided. This means that there is no problem even if it goes for a day or two days before attaining the targets.

The potential payouts on this new platform are lower compared to the normal. Stockpair also presents customers with a new bonus system that comes with restrictions in terms of withdrawal. Many customers find it hard during withdrawal of their funds in most of the binary trading options. However, this is not the case with Stockpair.

The bonuses are normally indicated as pending and can only be realized upon meeting the target. Once the target has been met, you will not experience any issue in getting your bonuses into your bank account.

The process of withdrawing bonuses is easy and fast. During trading, investors rarely experience challenges. Both experienced and new traders will find it easy to make money with Stockpair. Trading is easy as well as less sophisticated when compared to other competing binary options that you are likely to be tempted to go for.

Stockpair got it all

stockpair review 2017

It does not make sense to waste time seeking for another broker when Stockpair has everything you are looking for. However, it is not a bad idea to look at the other brokers so that you can easily understand what we mean by effectiveness and profitable.

StockPair Pair Trading Introduction

Have you ever heard about pair options? Well, if the answer is no then there is a lot that you do not know in the binary trading options. In addition to binary options broker, the service provider also offers Pair Options.

Stockpair can be considered as an ideal alternative for the Pair Options. They offer both calls or put options but in a unique style that will give you more reasons to make it your number one choice.

Endless tools and trading options

I have enough reasons to say that the Pair Options are more predictable and simpler compared to other options on the market. The traditional binary trading is preferred by some consumers because they offer different ways to making profits online, thanks to the endless tools and trading options provided.

One of the things that have made Stockpair more popular is that it has both of them under one umbrella, which makes it easier to utilize the two in generating profit through binary options.

Pair trading can be compared to a combination of binary trading options and Forex trading on the same platform. As an investor, you will be expected to select between the two assets as you conduct your trade.

The main goal, in this case, is determining which of the assets is going to perform better in the long run in relation to others with the same value after a stipulated time frame. There are two possible kinds of trades that you can undertake namely floating and fixed pair. The returns of the floating pair tend to vary will the fixed pair remain the same regardless of what transpires.

Stockpair 2017 update

The brokerage comes with new features for 2017. Some of the new features you will benefit from, include an economic calendar, candlestick analysis, and analysis undertaken from the trading central time that can be got from a simple click of the button that is located on the right-hand side of the platform in question.

StockPair complaints

Investors are advised to conduct research on different brokers on the market before working with any of them, which is not different with Stockpair. When we undertook research to find out whether there are any complainants about Stockpair we could not find serious angry comments.

Do your own research

It is evident that traders are impressed with the kind of services that they are getting from this company. However, you should also take the time to read more about this company so that you understand what you are getting yourself into.

There complainants such as the change of activity fee, which was made clear in the terms and conditions. Therefore, before you take any of the negative comments from some of the users for a fact ensure that you follow on the same to establish whether they are genuine or not. There are some companies hiring people to discredit the name of this broker

StockPair Deposit Bonus

They offer a bonus to any client after he or she has deposited $250, £250, or €250. This is also the minimum deposit. There are some traders who keep looking for big bonuses but they should know that it is wise to refrain from this unless you know what you are doing.

StockPair Withdrawal feeStockpair Review depsit withdrawal

Stockpair does not have a minimum amount that you can withdraw. This is one of the aspects that have made Stockpair more attractive to traders. If you are a serious trader who likes to be flexible then this is the right place for you.

It only takes 48 hours for them to process your cash and then it will 5 business days to have the same amount in your account so that you can withdraw. Some of the common methods to withdraw your cash include Credit Cards and wire transfer. You can also use e-wallets including Neteller and Skrill.

I personally have very good experience with Skrill. I recommend the use this Digital wallet,  because of their very low transaction fees, and their Secure safety.  Click the link to check it out 😉

skrill digital wallet for trading
Fast web based software

There is no need to download any software since everything is web based. The site is simple, easy to use and modern. They use eight different languages including English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish, Dutch and German

Commissions and Support

Investors are not expected to pay a fee whenever they deposit or purchase options during their first time. The support team is readily available 24/ 7 including weekends and holidays to rescue traders. You can them through email or by phone in the 8 different languages.

Deposit and Payment

The minimum amount you can deposit is $250USD or €250. The deposit can be made through wire transfer Skrill and Neteller among others.

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General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk


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