TR Binary Options Review

TR Binary Options

TR Binary Options is considered to be one of the best binary trading brokers in New Zealand. The reason for that claim is that this broker offers their services at a professional level and provides clients with a stable and reliable platform, as the users said in their TR Binary Options reviews. Now, it is out turn to do a TR Binary Options review – we will take a look at the possibilities this broker offers to those who want to invest a couple of bucks in binary trading!

TR Binary Options is one of the relatively older and more experienced brokers in the field, being launched in 2011. Under the motto “knowledge is power”, this broker provides its traders with many educational materials, as well as over 100 different assets to trade with by using different binary options types.

TR Binary Options Platform

According to TR Binary Options reviews by users you can find online, this broker has a stable and user-friendly platform. The platform is easy to get around and the users can find the different tradeable assets and the different options to choose from with no trouble.

TR Binary Options also offer a mobile and smartphone app. The app contains all the features as the web version, meaning that you can trade anywhere and anytime. All that you would need is a stable internet connection, and that is it. The mobile app is made keeping in mind user-friendliness yet again, and it is available for both iOS and Android.

Trading Assets Available at TR Binary Options

TR Binary Options allows users to choose from different trading options. The binary trading options provided are Hot Assets, Currencies, Commodities, Indices and Stocks.

The Currencies section includes EUR/USD, AUD/USD, JPY, CHF and CNY. You can view the rise or fall of the currencies that are updated at every second on the web platform. Accordingly, you can take either the Call or the Put action.

The commodities section of the web platform includes Gold, Gold/EUR and Silver. Even in this category, you can view the rise or fall of the price and then choose either the Call or the Put action.

The third option in the web platform is Indices. The services offered in indices are BOMBAY SE, HANG SENG, HANG SENG F-AUG16, KOSPI, NIFTY F-SEP 16 and SSE180. TR BINARY OPTIONS provides you with the opportunity to trade in the international trading market.

The last option is Stocks. In stocks, you can select from AXIS BANK, S.BANK INDIA, TATA MOTOR, and TATA STEEL among others. You can select between the Call and Put options according to the data displayed on the screen.

It is notable that at the bottom of all the pages, there is the Education Academy option available. This option is very useful for people who want to acquire knowledge on the trading options and trading platform.

You are given freedom to select any of the above-mentioned categories of trading options from different services provided. Such services include Binary, Pairs, Long Term, 60 Sec, One Touch, Ladder, FX/CFD, Spot Follow, etc.

  • 60 Second Trading

60 Second Trading is the newest binary trading option online and this was first introduced by TR Binary Options . The amount of profit you can expect from using 60 Second Trading can be as much as 70%. You just need one PIP to move in the right direction to get more profit. Also keep an eye on your charts because every PIP counts while trading in the 60 Second Trading. With high payouts, it is also equally important that you strategize your money management.

  • Binary Options

Binary Options Trading is the simplest form of online trading. You just need to choose an asset you wish to trade in and look at its current price and estimate to see whether its price rises or falls within the expiry time. If you hope that it will rise, just click on “call” and enter the amount you wish to invest. If you hope that it falls, click on Put, then enter the amount you want to invest and click on Apply. TR Binary Options make Binary Trading easier.

  • Candlestick Charts

Candlestick Chart is a new feature added by TR Binary Options It shows the price action in a given time frame. It can show 1 minute, 1 hour and 1 day of time frames. If the bar in the chart is green, it means the price has increased during the selected time frame. Similarly, if the bar is red, it means that the price has decreased in the specified time interval. This feature of the binary trading gives you maximum binary information in a visual way which in turn helps you in maximizing your profit.

  • Double Up

If your expiry time is getting very close and you feel that your prediction is becoming true, you can do it again by selecting the Double Up feature. Doing this, you can create a new trade for the same conditions. This means you are doubling up your investment in a particular trade that is gaining profit. By doubling up the investment, you are doubling up your profit.

  • Follow Feature

Follow Feature is an innovative tool introduced by TR Binary Options. Using this feature, you can follow other traders’ investment activities through TR Binary Options. Following them, you can know the fields in which they are investing and the amount they are investing. Thus you can also know if they are gaining or losing their investments. Learning from others’ experience is a better way to gain knowledge on Binary Trading Options. You can also select the amount of time for which you want to follow them.

  • Rollover

This is also a new feature introduced by TR Binary Options and you won’t find it anywhere else. This feature allows you to postpone your expiry time. If you think that you didn’t get enough profit from a certain option and the expiry time is nearby, you can extend your option by just clicking on the Rollover feature. This feature is available for up to 10 minutes before the expiry time. This feature allows you to get 30% higher returns for your options.

Account Types at TR Binary Options

TR Binary Options provides their clients with the following types of premium accounts:

  • Mini Account

The mini account is available for all of those who deposit a minimum of $500. With this type of an acount, you get 25% bonus. You get access to all the starter webinars, educational videos and online digital eBooks. According to TR Binary Options reviews by users, this account is recommended for beginners who are new in Binary Trading.

  • Starter Account

Starter account comes at a cost of $1000. This account includes all the features of the mini account. Additionally, you will also receive marker reviews via email which can help you in placing your investments on places where maximum profit is guaranteed.

  • Silver Account

The silver account is priced at $5,000. By registering with a silver account, the client is assigned an Account Manager, a binary guide who will take you through the introduction session with a little more insights into the Binary Trading. The silver account includes all the features of starter account. Additionally, you will receive 1 Academy Session and 1 VIP Webinar.

  • Gold Account

The cost of gold account starts from $10,000. The trader gets 2 academy sessions and 1 VIP webinar. Clients are entitled to receive 75% Bonus, 3 Risk-Free Trades and 1 Guaranteed Profit Trade. In addition to all the features of the silver account, the gold account holder will receive an optional tablet.

  • Platinum Account

The platinum account is priced at $25,000. In platinum account, you receive 100% Bonus, 5 Risk-Free Trades and 3 Guaranteed Profit Trades. Another additional feature of the platinum account is that you can have same day withdrawal approval.

Customer Service

On the bottom of the each page of TR Binary Options, you will find few fields which will allow you to fill up your details along with your query so that you can request them to contact you back with all the information you wanted.

On the Contact Us page, you can find the address of their headquarters. You can also find their email address through which you can send all your queries and their customer service. Their technical support is available 24/7.

They also provide you with the phone numbers of all their corporate offices spread across different countries.

Moreover, you can chat with them online considering all the queries you have. You just need to click on the Chat with Us option available on the Contact Us page and a chatting box will be initiated in no time.

TR Binary Options Education Academy

Education is the key to success. TR Binary Options provides you with all the education you will ever require to become an expert in Binary Trading. The education academy is divided into numerous subjects. According to users’ TR Binary Options reviews, the broker stays in accordance with its motto.

The educational tools offered by this broker consist of interactive eBooks, a list of terminology and psychological traits among others. Its education academy also provides advanced video courses that will show you all the trading options, binary information and binary signals visually which would help you learn faster. Thus you can take as much advantage as possible.

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk
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