Warren Bowie And Smith Review – Scam or Regulated broker?

WBS platfromIt has not been so long ago that the financial industry started to evolve with the emergence of technology and within a considerably short period, it has been revolutionized with the inclusion of cryptocurrency and blockchain that have changed the concept of trading altogether.

The most prominent characteristics like rapid transactions, keeping a track of the transfers, no wastage of time and resources for the maintenance of records, as well as enormous profits have positioned the respective sector at a distinctive position. This swiftly escalating space has grasped the attention of the community so much so that people are quitting the conventional, lengthy, and less profitable means of trading by shifting towards the online trading of crypto assets.


Warren Bowie and Smith: Is this a Secure Broker?

As the asset trading market is flooded with diverse types of brokers, there is a huge chance that the venue you are trusting would not be a legit institution or it may not fulfill your demands. That is how a great responsibility comes on the shoulders of the investors (especially the new ones).

For this purpose, what some mature investors do is to move towards an organization that gives a vast range of features such as high gains, anti-scam, and anti-money laundering mechanism, convenient deposits/withdrawals, a good investor/broker bondage, as well as diversity in investment instruments. I shall be honest in saying that, so far I have studied the market, just a few brokers are eye-catching for the investors, and among them is Warren Bowie and Smith.

The features of being fully regulated, having proper licensing, as well as the provision of maximum security, make the Warren Bowie and Smith a reliable venue and a preferable choice for the investors pursuing to have a head start for their trading career as well as those who wish to uplift their profits. The respective broker not just provides brokerage, it additionally guides both the novice as well as experienced investors according to their requirements.

The investors beginning their investments with the platform are provided with an eBook free of cost to acquire adequate knowledge about the field. In addition to this, they receive training on the behalf of the institution without recompensing any charges. Moreover, the investors are permitted to delve deep into the diverse types of orders to choose the desired one.Warren Bowie and Smith

Warren Bowie and Smith: Is this Broker Safe?

Warren Bowie and Smith is a completely registered online brokerage platform that offers technologically advanced and profitable asset trading to its customers with a diverse range of products and services.

The Mauritius-based venue was founded in 2020 and at present it provides the trading of CFDs, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, as well as Forex. It delivers many options to its consumers including bank transfers, e-wallets, as well as card-based trading. Warren Bowie and Smith is a safe platform that prioritizes the security, convenience, as well as advantage of its customers.

The present review will guide you through the key characteristics of this broker along with the products and services provided by it to save your time from being wasted over different forums to get your suitable one.

The asset trading industry is gaining a lot of attention nowadays especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outspread when people have been pushed to turn towards online means of earning with less availability of work at the institutions due to the pandemic restriction. Just in some of the recent years, it has witnessed peak progress that a flood of people is becoming its part. Nevertheless, along with its remarkable progress, several hazards are also associated with it.

Money laundering, as well as scams, are a couple of most prominent among them. Especially in the matter of online trading, frauds frequently occur where usually the newly coming investors are swindled by the bad actors. While having the above-mentioned things in contemplation, an investor pursues to be a part of the institutions that would provide him better profits without posing any threats such as fraud.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Regulations and Licenses

In the asset market, the supremely important thing counts as the legitimacy of a broker. Unregulated and uncertified brokers scam the investors and take off their funds. The market is full of brokers and the illegitimate brokerage platforms conceal the fact that they are illegal.

They are so good at disguising that some traders don’t feel anything unusual until they lose their money. A consumer must be aware of the information regarding the brokerage firm that s/he is making investments to. In my opinion, a platform Warren Bowie and Smith which is fully regulated and certified should be benefited from rather than leaving your money at the mercy of some swindlers or the traditional financial institutions that take most of the gains of the depositors. broker forex WBS

Warren Bowie and Smith: How Does It Work?

The convenience in carrying out the trading operations secures a considerable position in the online asset trading and Warren Bowie & Smith are unparalleled in this scenario. The broker allows the customers to instantly perform their trades across the world at any time. The web-based venue has perfect compatibility with iOS as well as Android devices, making it simple for the users to operate. Apart from this, an extensive range of research instruments is also there for them to polish their skills.

Warren Bowie and Smith’s unique list of trade-worthy and legitimate assets enhances the appetite of the clients and a way to fulfill it. Besides being regulated, a specialty of this trading venue is that it operates on professional trading methods with the utilization of ample experience on the behalf of the executives thereof who are devoted put both learning as well as trading to work simultaneously to their threshold level.

With Warren Bowie and Smith, the investors have an opportunity to take their online trading of CFDs to the next level as they are enabled to confidently trade CFDs over crypto, forex, indices, and shares. The consumers of the trading platform are provided with autonomy over their funds and trading with a full potential to capitalize through the use of professional trading instruments. To assist the customers in this respect, the venue offers them the things like “Stop Loss/Take Profit facilities”, “push notifications & FREE email regarding market incidents,” “price movements alerts,” as well as the “Trader’s Trends.” Furthermore, the platform does not implement any commission over spot transactions. The customer care service of the venue remains available 24/7.

Warren Bowie & Smith: Market Instruments

As mentioned earlier, a variety of market tools are provided by Warren Bowie and Smith as opposed to the conventional platforms. Indices, ETFs, stocks, currencies, and commodities are the market tools that the company provides exposure to. In the category of commodities, there are several kinds taking account of raw oil, grains, as well as metals.

While trading commodities, a few geopolitical factors are involved that should be in the knowledge of the investors. Plenty of guidance and training is offered by the trading platform to the investors in need of it. In the case of ETFs (exchange-traded funds), an individual account manager is provided by the venue to each investor to elaborate the entirety of the information regarding the company along with the proper instruments to get benefit from ETFs.

The respective manager will train the investor in detecting the remarkable trading opportunities. That is how the consumers will be able to utilize the market-wide knowledge to make profits from a trusted and regulated broker. ETFs, which are collections of diverse assets to be traded as one stock, promise substantial gains nowadays. Several advantages in trading ETFs are transparency (as the updates about price activities are regularly offered), diversification (as ETFs take account of several assets to make the trading easy for the investor), exemption of trading fees, and tax benefits (as the taxes only incur within the time of investment).

A prominent trading instrument at present is cryptocurrencies. Trading in many cryptos, including Bitcoin (the primary crypto asset), is offered by the platform. By having significant popularity and investment, BTC – and the rest of the digital assets – have seen a rise in value. Nonetheless, I am not pushing the investors to capitalize on crypto. The other above-mentioned options are always there and it is up to the consumers to determine which suits them best.warren-bowie-and-smith

Warren Bowie and Smith: Deposit and Withdrawal

After the registration and login to their accounts, with a deposit of only $200, Warren Bowie and Smith’s customers are enabled to trade their assets. To assist the customers in their trading the platform provides a substantial time of three months in the case of the account’s inactivity. After the specified time of an account’s inactivity, the right is reserved by the company to implement quarterly charges of up to US$500. But if an account comprises funds under US$500 and has been inactive for 3 months, then the right is reserved by the firm to compensate administrative charges through imposing minimum possible fees and at last shut the account. The rollover charges that Warren Bowie and Smith has implanted on the overnight exposure of commodities, indices, ETFs, stocks, and currencies are 0.02% whereas 0.50% in the case of cryptocurrencies.

Another facility offered by Warren Bowie and Smith is that no Slippage policy is executed by the platform, being the reason why no additional fees are implemented on the behalf of the organization over spot orders in regular market conditions. To tackle the volatility of the forex market, the venue settled spreads for selling and purchasing prices. On the contrary, the execution of the spot orders is in line with the trader price. US Dollars is the fundamental currency for all the accounts as it is dominantly utilized by the consumers thus the entirety of the deposits is transferred into it.

Warren Bowie and Smith: How to Open an Account?

Normally, the preference of the clients is to join the venues that provide ease in the operations such as starting their trading journey by opening an account. This initiative sometimes becomes a barrier between the investors as well as the trading world when the trading venues put forward some lengthy procedures in which a lot of their precious time is wasted. It usually occurs in conventional asset trading nonetheless those forums also operate thus which are closely stuck to the outdated methods that are considered to be troublesome for several investors.

Contrary to this, Warren Bowie and Smith goes hand-in-hand with the users and lets them jump into the world of massive profits without requiring them to undergo such wearisome steps to prevent inconvenience on the behalf of the clients. To start with, email or phone-based communication takes place between the platform as well as the consumers.

The clients are then asked to fill up some basic information and are permitted (after being registered) to begin their depository process. At this point, another hindrance is denoted as the huge amount of first deposits that are demanded by the common trading platforms as a consequence of which a restriction is put forth to forbid the low-budget investors while allowing the wealthy traders. To tackle this issue, Warren Bowie & Smith exempts any enormous deposits and just $200 (a very small sum) is needed for the investors to step into the burgeoning space. When a trustworthy, completely regulated, economic, as well as profitable venue provides all these things in one place, then why waste time and money on the other inadequate, expensive, and unregulated institutions.

The Last Words

All of the above-made discussion, with highlighting the hazards involved in and the deficiencies of the rest of online asset brokers, persuades the clients to check out the market themselves as they will come to know that the one-stop-shop Warren Bowie and Smith steps up the financial position as well as the trading expertise of the asset investors. The platform could prove to be revolutionary in the asset-trading venture of the willing investors.

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