Trade Settings on Pocket Option

You can find trade settings on Pocket Option under the button with three dots to the right of the chosen asset. Here you can access multiple trading preference options as well as change the way the trading interface appears visually.


Chart Settings

A chart is a visual representation of the price movement of an asset for a specific time frame. There are different types of charts available on Pocket Option but also several additional display features. Let’s look at them.

Viewing other traders on the chart

Pocket Option allows you to see other people’s trading positions on the platform in real-time on the chart. To enable the display of this feature, click on the button with the social trading icon on it:

Social Chart Pocket option

You can now see trades of other users for that asset, including the amount and the direction of a position and a few key details on the trader, such as the percentage of profitable deals and copying payout.

Another great advantage of this option is the fact that it allows you to copy the positions of other traders from the chart within a time frame of 10 seconds after they are displayed. Trades are copied for the same amount as the original positions, under the condition of sufficient funds on your account of course. To do so, just click on the trade you like and click ‘copy’.

You can prevent your own data to be displayed on the chart by changing the “Show Data” slider in the personal settings section that can be found under your avatar.

Market Watch

Market Watch is another interactive feature on the platform that allows you to see the most popular trades amongst other users of the platform in real-time. The slider indicates the relative proportion of ‘down’ and ‘up’ trades for the chosen asset on the chart. To access it, click on the thermometer icon under the settings menu:

Market watch pocket option

Trade Monitor

Trade Monitor demonstrates all of the trades opened as well as estimation of the resulting profit. This feature can be found as the pie chart icon under the settings menu.


The “A” icon allows you to quickly access trading analytics, the economic calendar as well as various applications, such as the trading strategies and signals:

Analytics pocket option

Gems Lottery

This event is aimed at users who trade over the weekend and is essentially a lottery that allows you to win variable gems on the platform. You can find all the details on it under the “G” icon on the left of your trading interface. Why would this be interesting? The Gems you earn can then be exchanged for different trade benefits available under the Market section, such as boosters, trade cancellation options (under the Risk-free section), balance bonuses, percentage bonuses (under the Promo Codes), and so on. The probability of getting gems increases with the level of your account as well as the amounts placed on trades. Every user is automatically enrolled in the lottery if they have more than 100 dollars on their live trading account and it is free of charge.

gems pocket option

Gems need to be actually collected for them to be used later.


Hotkeys are combinations of keys on a keyboard that allow you to speed up the trading process through quick access to important features and trading commands. For example, it can be used to place trades, change strike prices, or timeframes; it is possible to activate and deactivate this feature. This is especially useful for experienced users for whom every second or minute is important.

hotkeys pocket opt

Trade Signals

The trade signals section helps to identify which trend (either an uptrend or a downtrend) is expected for a certain timeframe for an asset. The arrows next to the assets indicate a probable movement the chart will undergo within the chosen time period, and the greater the number of arrows the greater the probability is assigned to that direction of movement.

trading signals pocket option

You can choose the time period under the drop-down menu and choose various assets, like currency pairs, stocks, or commodities from the list. Remember however that these signals are still just a prediction based on the tools of technical analysis on the platform and are not a guarantee.

Personal Settings

Personal settings can be found under the avatar and can be used to change the visual appearance of your interface as well as manage certain notifications related to trading.

Indicators menu

You can enable or disable icons regarding analytics, signals, and bonuses on your trading chart under the “Indicators” sections of your profile settings. Remember that this is not the same as the tools of technical analysis.

personal settings pocket option


You can also activate and deactivate notifications regarding trade results; to do so, slide the notifications button under the “Tooltips” section. Trade notifications demonstrate the amount traded and the resulting outcome of a position once it is closed.

Sound notifications

Pocket Option allows enabling sound notifications to accompany key actions related to your trading process. They can be activated through a slider under the “Sound Control” section of the personal settings section.

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of how to manage various trading settings on Pocket Option, enjoy trading, and best of luck!

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Risk Warning: The trading products offered by the companies listed on this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never trade money that you cannot afford to lose.