How to identify the end of the price rally with the Stalled Candlestick Pattern

stalled candlestick pattern binomoCandlesticks charts are commonly used by traders. They represent the price changes using candles with wicks. You can clearly see the opening and closing prices or the highs and lows within a certain period. The candlesticks tend to form some patterns that are likely to repeat themselves over time. All these provide very useful information that can help in making trading decisions. Today we will see into one of the formations of the candlestick, which is known as the Stalled Candlestick Pattern.

The Stalled Pattern on Binomo

The Stalled candlestick pattern usually can be observed during the uptrend. Very rarely, you will see it in a downtrend. It represents indecision in the market and a probable change in the price direction.

Three consecutive candles comprise a pattern. They are all bullish and each candle’s opening and closing lie higher than those of the previous one. The last candle in the pattern has a significantly smaller body and a long upper wick. Moreover, its opening falls close to the second candle’s closing.

Bearish Stalled Candlestick pattern
Bearish Stalled Candlestick pattern

Once you spot a Stalled candlestick pattern on your chart, wait for the development of the next candle. You may enter short trade when the candle following the pattern crosses below the low of the last candle from the pattern. There is also a possibility to use the formation in order to close the existing position.

Stalled candlestick pattern on 5-minute BTC chart
Stalled candlestick pattern on the 5-minute BTC chart

The Stalled pattern typically appears at the end of the uptrend. However, the bearish reversal will not occur with 100% certainty. You may always use an extra method to confirm the trading signals received.

Sometimes Stalled Candlestick patterns will not change the trend
Sometimes Stalled Candlestick patterns will not change the trend


Candlesticks form different patterns on the chart. They often mark crucial moments in the price behaviour. There are continuation and reversal patterns. The formation described in today’s article belongs to the reversal group of patterns, which means the price is likely to change direction after its appearance. The Stalled candlestick pattern can be observed more frequently during the uptrend. Bullish Stalled pattern is rare to see and even when you spot it, be careful because it is not so strong as its bearish version.

The Stalled pattern is formed by three candles, where each successive candle opens and closes higher than the previous one. Furthermore, the last candle has the smallest body of all three candles. Remember that all three candles need to be green, which means their closing prices are higher than opening prices.

The trading signal is obtained when the candle which follows the pattern moves below the third candle of the pattern.

It is always a good idea to use an additional technical analysis tool to make sure your trading decision is right.

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