Binomo Expiry Time – The disadvantage of 1 Minute Trades

There are many financial instruments available for trading nowadays. Yet, many traders still chose derivatives due to their relative simplicity, as various complicated calculations take place when trading in most financial markets. These include, for example, stop loss calculations, risk vs reward estimations etc. Derivatives make these things easy and understandable for beginners as traders … Read more

#1 Quick Guide on Identifying Pin Bar Candlestick on Binomo

There are many types of candles you will come across while trading on the Binomo platform. It is a good idea to get to know them as they can simplify your work. They create specific patterns that will help you to discover the best trade entry points. Pin bar candles characteristic The candles that are … Read more

Binomo Platform: Rebound Line Strategy Explained

What does ‘rebound line strategy’ mean? Rebound line strategy is a term in investing that refers to the technique of capturing the moment where the price is no longer able to break the support and resistance levels. Support level refers to the area where the price is no longer falling, while resistance level indicates the … Read more

Rainbow pattern – a powerful way to use EMAs on the Binomo platform

Rainbow pattern overview A rainbow pattern on the Binomo platform is a graphical pattern that is based on three EMAs (exponential moving averages) with distinct periods. To make the picture transparent the indicator lines should all have different colors. Go to chart preferences feature and choose “Moving Average”. Set the period to 6, choose the … Read more

The Bollinger Bands indicator – A Full Guide to Understanding How it Works

There are many technical indicators available on the Binomo platform. Their purpose is to simplify trading process for you. Some of  these indicators generate signals to open a trading position. This article explains how the Bollinger Bands indicator works. The Bollinger Bands indicator basics The Bollinger Bands indicator consists of three lines which are based … Read more

All you need to know about moving averages on Binomo

Moving average calculations One of the tools that illustrates the direction in which the price is heading is called a moving average. A trader can catch the momentum with it, confirm the trend or identify the support and resistance levels. It measures the average price during a certain period equal to the number of the … Read more

Binomo Quick Start Guide – All you need to know before your first transaction

Today’s guide is a simple and a fast description of the key steps you should take to start trading on the Binomo platform. How to get started You need to be logged into your Binomo account. Start by choosing an asset. To see the full list of the financial instruments offered on Binomo, you have … Read more

#1 Guide To Recognize a Bearish Engulfing Pattern

Nothing lasts forever and market trends change their direction too. The points of such reversals seem to be ideal trade entry opportunities. But what is a good way to predict a change in a trend? There are some patterns that can help traders in finding trend reversal points. And today I will present one of … Read more