Many traders fail – How to spot your trading mistakes on Binomo

Statistics show that nearly a large portion of the retail traders aren’t able to be profitable. Nevertheless, even these 90% of trading accounts make a profit from time to time. But overall, they have more losing than successful trades, evidently reducing the balance on these accounts. The big question is why do many traders lose … Read more

30-minutes Binomo strategy using MACD, EMA and Parabolic SAR

MACD, EMA, PSAR strategy on Binomo

It is proven that long-lasting trades provide a greater chance of gaining when trading on the Binomo platform. I do not want to say opening positions for a long time is a guarantee of high profits, given the associated risks. You still need to know when exactly enter the market and what course it is … Read more

How To Trade Like A Casino For Consistent Profits

Are you interested in making consistent earnings as a professional trader? Oftentimes, when you tell people how you generate my income by trading in the stock market, they look at me funny and ask “Isn’t that risky?” or “Doesn’t that depend on luck?” or even “Isn’t that gambling?” And I’m here to tell you that, … Read more

The Best Guide to Trade Bullish Engulfing Pattern on Binomo

engulfing pattern binomo

Bullish Engulfing Candle pattern overview Repeatable patterns help in the recognition of the best entry points. The bullish engulfing candle pattern serves as the trend reversal prediction. You will find it at the bottom of a downtrend and so it informs about an upcoming uptrend. The bullish engulfing candlesticks pattern is in the form of … Read more

How To Grow Your Demo Account Weekly On Binomo

Trading isn’t an easy job, but I do enjoy it, especially when I make profits. In fact, April was a pretty profitable month for me. The last two weeks weren’t as good as the first two, but I still managed to make an average of $100 per trading day. In the end, my profits were … Read more

Three Ways Brokers Take Your Money and Simple Ways To Stop It

commissions when trading

In previous years price charts were reviewed by derivatives traders in their favor until financial experts came in and stopped these operations. But brokers discovered new ways to take away traders’ capital. Well, online trading platforms are designed to make money for their owners, there are legitimate strategies such as spreads and there are not … Read more