How to read the market with Bollinger Bands on Binomo

The Bollinger Bands is the indicator that measures the volatility of a financial instrument with respect to the moving average. A common short name is B-Bands. There are three lines that form the B-Bands. A simple moving average with a period of 20 moves in the middle and the two lines around it to create … Read more

Guide to Trading Using Pin Bar Candles together with the Bollinger Bands Indicator on Binomo

It is usually recommended to trade when the market is trending. Especially if you are at the beginning of your adventure with trading. The reason is that a ranging market is difficult to read and interpret. It is much harder to predict whether the price direction will move up or down in the nearest future. … Read more

#1 Guide to Trading with Bollinger Bands and RSI Indicators for Long and Short Positions on Binomo

Luckily for beginner traders, Binomo offers several technical analysis indicators that can greatly help when trading on the Binomo trading platform. Two of the easiest, as well as most popular, indicators to use are Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Bollinger Bands. Alone, they’re a great way to predict market movement and possible trend reversals. Together, … Read more

How to Trade Using Bollinger Bands and Candle Colors on Binomo

If you’re interested in increasing your returns on Binomo as a beginner trader, a lot of professional traders would tell you that the best way to do this is to use a simple strategy. That’s because simple strategies also tend to be the most straightforward and easiest ones to follow for people who are still … Read more

Guide to the Bollinger band trading indicator

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Today’s online options trader has an arsenal of tools and indicators that make it easier to predict asset price movements and profit from them. Many trading platforms provide these tools and indicators for free. When applied correctly, technical indicators and tools will make it easier to spot profitable trends. In turn, you will be able … Read more