Trading without indicators? Brand new colour candle strategy for Binomo traders

It is very common in the traders’ world to use indicators to find the best points for opening and closing transactions. But is it really necessary? Although indicators are truly useful, you do not have to trade with them all the time. You can also try a strategy that is based on the colours of … Read more

Using The Rule of 3 Candles For Simple And Effective Trading On Binomo

What’s your strategy for making the most out of your trades on Binomo? Have you heard about the 3 candles strategy? For many traders, having a strategy is a great way to earn money consistently. However, a lot of traders make the mistake of thinking that complicated strategies work better than simple strategies. Most believe … Read more

Guide to Trading With Price Action and Candle Color on Binomo

Indicators were invented to make a trader’s life simpler and give some hints on when to enter a transaction. However, the simplest way of trading is without any of the indicators. It is possible to open positions relatively successfully without the help of additional tools. It is enough to observe candlesticks and price action. Maybe … Read more

Top you demo balance up to $100 a day* on the Binomo platform

Disclaimer: THERE IS A RISK OF LOSS CAPITAL, *This article refers to Trading with a Demo account only. One of our regular readers has shared his story with us. This story is related to the candle colours strategy described in our blog. Our reader prefers to remain anonymous. For the purposes of our article, let … Read more

Your #1 Guide for Trading Candles on Binomo

If you’re interested in learning how to judge the market’s strength, one of the best ways to do it is to practice trading candles based on color. Looking at candle colors is one of the easiest ways, even for beginner traders, to judge how strong the current market is. When you’re on the Binomo platform, … Read more

Guide For Trading Candle Colors Using Martingale System

There are many different strategies that you can use while trading on the stock market and one of the easier strategies that you could implement on Binomo is trading candle colors. The main objective when using this strategy is to simply identify a large-bodied candle and trade based on the color. The candle needs to … Read more