How to identify the end of the price rally with the Stalled Candlestick Pattern

Candlesticks charts are commonly used by traders. They represent the price changes using candles with wicks. You can clearly see the opening and closing prices or the highs and lows within a certain period. The candlesticks tend to form some patterns that are likely to repeat themselves over time. All these provide very useful information … Read more

How to recognise reversals using the Sushi Roll pattern on Binomo

There are many tools available on the Binomo platform that traders may use. These tools help in taking better decisions about when to enter or exit transactions. And this is an essential step to your success. So let me introduce to you a Sushi Roll pattern with which you will be able to trade trend … Read more

How to use candle wicks in trading Binomo

Traders are using multiple tools and indicators to improve their trading performance. There are many options to choose from. Sometimes, this variety can absorb you so much, you forget about the simplest methods. And today we will come back to basics, in a way. We are going to discuss a strategy that requires you to … Read more

All you need to know about Three Inside Up and Down Patterns

The price is moving constantly on the chart. Occasionally, the candlesticks form repeatable patterns that can be used by traders to improve their performance. This article describes the Three Inside Up and Down Patterns. They signal reversals of the trend. Introduction to the Three Inside Up and Down patterns The three inside up and down … Read more

#1 Quick Guide on Identifying Pin Bar Candlestick on Binomo

There are many types of candles you will come across while trading on the Binomo platform. It is a good idea to get to know them as they can simplify your work. They create specific patterns that will help you to discover the best trade entry points. Pin bar candles characteristic The candles that are … Read more

#1 Guide To Recognize a Bearish Engulfing Pattern

Nothing lasts forever and market trends change their direction too. The points of such reversals seem to be ideal trade entry opportunities. But what is a good way to predict a change in a trend? There are some patterns that can help traders in finding trend reversal points. And today I will present one of … Read more

All You Need to Know to Trade Pin Bar Candles on Binomo

There are a few types of candles. Pin bars are one of them. This kind of Japanese candles is distinguished by its shape. Today I will show you the way to recognize pin bars and trade using them on the Binomo platform. Pin bar candles specification Pin bar candles can be easily identified by a … Read more

Guide to Trading Using Pin Bar Candles together with the Bollinger Bands Indicator on Binomo

It is usually recommended to trade when the market is trending. Especially if you are at the beginning of your adventure with trading. The reason is that a ranging market is difficult to read and interpret. It is much harder to predict whether the price direction will move up or down in the nearest future. … Read more

How To Use The Trend Level Signal To Grow Your Demo Account

In many ways, identifying a trend alone on Binomo isn’t a very difficult task. Knowing when it is the best time to enter a trade is a whole other matter, however. Such skill usually only develops after a months or years of experience. Indeed one of the most pressing problems that many traders encounter when … Read more

Decoding Candlesticks: Guide to Trading Candlesticks on Pocket Option

Trading with candles

Reading candlestick charts is one of the most important skills which every trader should have. It reduces risks in trading and leads a trader into making more sound decisions. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, the importance of reading candlestick charts remains the same. If you want to identify opportunities on … Read more