The top 5 tricks to diversify trading portfolio


Everything changes. And the situation in the market may change rapidly. Even in times of booming, you cannot be sure what will happen next. And you should be prepared for any occasion if you do not wish to lose money. Diversification is one option to do that. What is it and how to do it … Read more

A newbie’s guide to invest in precious metals

precious metals

Precious metals, which are considered to be gold and silver, among others, have been always on investors’ list of interest. Are they worth investing in? What makes them so volatile? Let’s find the answers. Precious metals You can add precious metals to your portfolio in many ways. They can serve well as portfolio diversifier and … Read more

What are ETFs and why they are so attravtive to investors


An ETF is the Exchange-Traded Fund which means it holds various underlying assets such as, for example, stocks, currencies or commodities. This is the main difference between ETFs and regular stock. You can buy or sell ETFs on a stock exchange. What are the types of ETFs and how to trade them? Let’s see into … Read more