4 market phases in the market cycle you need to know about

The market is never still. The price moves up and down. Often it is very difficult to predict where it will go next. And this prediction is the basis of trading. Opening and closing positions according to what traders believe will happen with the price of the underlying asset. There are so many factors that … Read more

How to use seasonality in stock market

stock market seasonality

Trading is based on finding the opportunities to open buying or selling transactions. The catch is when is the best time to do it. A good way of recognising the right moment to enter the trade is by identifying trends and repeatable patterns. I will tell you something more. There is a season for different … Read more

#1 Guide to understand the idea of trading signals

trading signals

Trading is generally buying or selling financial instruments. Success depends on the moment you open a position. And this can be done effectively when you obtain a trading signal. What is it? Are there many types of them? Read today’s article, and you will get the answers. The basics of trading signals A trading signal … Read more