#1 Quick Guide on Identifying Pin Bar Candlestick on Binomo

There are many types of candles you will come across while trading on the Binomo platform. It is a good idea to get to know them as they can simplify your work. They create specific patterns that will help you to discover the best trade entry points. Pin bar candles characteristic The candles that are … Read more

All You Need to Know to Trade Pin Bar Candles on Binomo

There are a few types of candles. Pin bars are one of them. This kind of Japanese candles is distinguished by its shape. Today I will show you the way to recognize pin bars and trade using them on the Binomo platform. Pin bar candles specification Pin bar candles can be easily identified by a … Read more

Trading with pin bars on support/resistance levels on Binomo

There are many technical analysis tools available on the Binomo platform. The support and resistance levels are very important tools. But they serve best when you use them in a combination with special candles or some indicators. Today, I will describe a trading strategy which couples the support/resistance with the pin bars. The Pin Bars … Read more