How To Trade Using RSI and Support/Resistance Indicators on Binomo

If you simply want to identify which price points a trend is likely to reverse, it’s recommended that you use Support and Resistance. However, if you want to determine which direction the price will take next, you have to use another indicator. Just using Support and Resistance, in this case, isn’t very effective. Using it … Read more

Guide to Trading 15 Minute Positions Using 5 Trade Entry Signals on Binomo

Did you know that there are three important things that you should consider first before entering a trade? The first one is the trade entry signal. This refers to anything that could point you in the right direction, be it a candle, a certain price, or a specific signal from your preferred technical indicator. The … Read more

What is the Pig’s Hoof Pattern and how to use it on Binomo

The candlesticks often form patterns on the price charts. Sometimes, they are called after animals like for example the butterflies or the bats. There is also one that is known as the Pig’s Hoof pattern. It is suitable for different traders’ types, so I decided to describe it for you. Check this article to read … Read more