What is a MOMO strategy and how to use it on the Binomo platform

In the trading world, there are several traders types and various strategies they can use. We are all different and we have to determine what works well for us. Today, we present a strategy that is good for short-term traders who expect fast results. It is known as a MOMO strategy. Setting up the chart … Read more

How to combine the SMA with the Awesome Oscillator to trade on the Binomo platform

Some strategies are based on more than one indicator. The one I am going to show you today combines a Simple Moving Average with an Awesome Oscillator. It is always good to learn about trading strategies. This way you will have a wider range of choices. So let’s see how to use the SMA in … Read more

Simple SMA strategy to trade on the Binomo platform

Binomo has many indicators in its offer. One of them is called the Simple Moving Average or SMA in short. It is a very basic tool which gives information about forecasted price direction. The SMA calculates closing prices over some time. It adds them and then divide by the number of periods in which it … Read more

1-Minute Trading Strategy with SMA8 and SMA21 on Binary Options

1-Minute Strategy

You’ve probably heard that using the moving average indicators on a chart helps give you more accurate projections and technical analysis. The only question however is that – are you using it properly? Furthermore, do you understand what the indicator means and the signals that it makes? In this article, we’ll share with you how … Read more

How to Master the Moving Average Indicator

Moving Average Cover

When it comes to indicators that are commonly used in a trading chart, the moving average indicator would always be among them. This is a handy technical indicator that analysts, as well as traders, use to determine the support and resistance levels, price movement, and trend of the market. So, and how can you master … Read more

Is The Golden Cross a Holy Grail of trading?

The Golden Cross

Traders usually open the transactions basing on the signals received from the technical analysis tools. Sometimes, a candlestick pattern or one indicator is enough to provide trading signals. Sometimes, traders use a combination of a few. Today’s strategy called a golden cross relies on two moving averages. Is it really such a golden method of … Read more

What is the difference between leading and lagging indicators

Leading and lagging indicators

Technical analysis tools can be generally divided into two types. The first type will be lagging indicators and the second one – leading indicators. On most trading platforms you will find a wide choice of both kinds. It is important for your trading though, that you know what is the difference between them and when … Read more