#1 Guide to understand inflation + 3 immortal tips on how to protect from it

Inflation guide

Inflation, inflation, inflation. You have heard it many times, for sure. You probably know it has an influence on the economy. But do you really know what it is and how it affects your finances? Let’s discuss it today. What is inflation? The simplest explanation of what inflation means is to describe it as an … Read more

What FAANG stocks are and why you should care about them

Wall Street - FAANG stocks

This is an undeniably important factor for a trader to know the biggest and most influential companies. The performance of the entire stock market is driven by these firms. And they are known as the FAANG companies. What are FAANG stocks? FAANG companies are the ones that play a huge role in the performance of … Read more

4 Trading Tips for Beginners

4 trading tips for beginners

Jason Briscoe (Unsplash) The COVID-19 pandemic has been a life-changing event in many respects. Government-imposed lockdown measures served to bring some industries to a standstill and caused great economic losses. Naturally, we are all looking for new ways to make money in these tough economic circumstances, and investing in stocks offer investors potentially great returns … Read more

How to choose the best markets for day trading

Choosing the market to trade

The decision which market to choose for day trading is of great importance. It will influence your future actions and results. To make such a decision, you will need basic knowledge about different types of markets, their volume, liquidity and volatility. Today’s article will guide you through this topic. The overview of different markets Stock … Read more