All you need to know about a Horizontal Line drawing tool on the Binomo platform

Binomo platform offers numerous technical analysis instruments for its users. It is good to know what they are so you can choose those that work well for you. Today I am going to present a very simple, yet efficient tool known as a horizontal line. Using a horizontal line tool on the Binomo platform A … Read more

How to understand the human behaviour behind support and resistance levels

Opening and closing trading positions is the main task in trading. Before you decide to sell or to buy you have to conduct a profound market analysis. Various tools available on the Binomo platform will help you in this. But this is not all. Psychology, our emotions connected to our behaviour have also a great … Read more

How to use Andrews’ Pitchfork tool on Binomo

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Trading with pin bars on support/resistance levels on Binomo

There are many technical analysis tools available on the Binomo platform. The support and resistance levels are very important tools. But they serve best when you use them in a combination with special candles or some indicators. Today, I will describe a trading strategy which couples the support/resistance with the pin bars. The Pin Bars … Read more

How To Identify Breakouts From Support/Resistance on Binomo

Identifying when price wants to break through support/resistance and the actions to take One of the most important skills that you should develop as a trader is how to identify support/resistance levels. By becoming equipped with this skill, you’ll learn how to understand price behavior better. The best part of this is that knowing how … Read more

Learn powerful combination of the trendline with support/resistance lines

Professional traders give often advice to trade with the trend. This will improve your chances for profitable transactions. But you have a few steps to take. The first thing is to recognise the trend. Next, you must know when exactly open a position. Experienced traders do not have big problems with that. But at the … Read more

How to utilize the Stochastic Oscillator on Support and Resistance levels on Binomo

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Trade the Stair Steps Strategy on Pocket Option

stair steps pattern on Pocket Option platform

Traders often look for repeatable patterns on the price charts. Such formations help greatly in technical analysis as they say a lot about possible price behaviour. Some patterns are more commonly used than others. Have you heard about the stair steps pattern? It will be the topic of today’s article. What is the stair steps … Read more

How to recognize the trend trading on Pocket Option

using trend to trade on Pocket Option

The situation in the market changes constantly. It is important to be able to distinguish a trending market from a ranging one. It may generate certain difficulties in the beginning. I wish to guide you through this task in today’s article. Recognising the trend in the market The trend can develop in both directions, that … Read more

How to Master Support and Resistance on Pocket Option


Traders who generally base their trading decisions on technical analysis understand the value of support and resistance levels. It is through these levels that opportunities in a chart become visible. Furthermore, support and resistance levels present the possible levels where price levels are expected to bounce or reverse. So how can you master the use … Read more