5 signs of a poor trading strategy on Pocket Option

poor trading strategy pocket option

Most traders are constantly searching for new trading techniques and methods to improve their performance. They try to determine which strategy works best for a certain instrument, time period, or market condition. This process needs commitment, practice, and mistakes made on the way. Trading is a risky activity and even the most experienced traders face … Read more

5 trading metrics you should care about

trading metrics

Much has been said about the importance of keeping a trading journal. Despite this, it seems that traders still underestimate the value of evaluation of their own performance. Let’s focus on the most essential metrics you should think well through. Win Percentage Win Percentage is an easy to understand concept. It reveals how many of … Read more

What is the drawdown?


Today’s article discusses a drawdown. What is it? How to assess it and what do you need it for? The answers to these questions you will find below. The drawdown description In the trading world, the drawdown is a decline from a peak to a trough over a certain period of time for a specific … Read more

7 money management tricks to help you survive on the market

money management tricks

Trading is a serious and risky business. When you begin your journey with trading, you must realize there is always risk involved. However, I have some good news for you. There are some tricks that can help you to manage losses and ensure more peace of mind. What are they? Read the article and you … Read more

Male traders vs Female traders

gender in trading

There are undeniable differences between men and women. This subject, however, should be considered with care. We cannot allow stereotypes to come in a way. We have to study real research and evidence. These will reveal whether there are any discrepancies between the two genders concerning the trading world. Men versus women Who dominates the … Read more

Is it worth to spend your time reading market analysis?

stock analysis

Every trader has probably heard that he should read the analysis. The truth is, you really should. However, it is no less important to know why you are doing something. Today’s article will try to respond to the question ‘why should a trader read analysis?’ Know what is coming There are plenty of events that … Read more

2 Key trading metrics: Win/Loss Ratio and Risk/Reward Ratio

You need to find a balance between your win rate and risk/reward ratio

What are you taking into consideration when you evaluate your trading session? Some traders tend to look only at the percentage of the winning trades. But more wins than losses do not necessarily mean, you end up with a profit. One more component to take into account is the quality of your gains and losses. … Read more