7 Practical tips to standout at online trading

online trading

Online trading is all about opening buy and sell transactions for various financial instruments via the internet. The most difficult task is to know when is the best time to enter and exit trades. But there is more to it. The good news is we have some useful tips for you that will help to … Read more

Is your age an important factor for being successful in trading?

Age in trading

Every person who begins trading adventure dreams about success. It is not a secret that to be successful you have to get knowledge about the markets, develop some certain skills and practice a lot. But is there a particular age that brings forth success? History shows that both, young and older traders can thrive. It … Read more

Are you a trading addict or just passionate about trading?

Don't be a trading addict

It can be sometimes difficult to distinguish between being passionate about something and being addicted to it. The line is quite thin. Both make you spend long hours on the subject. In the case of trading, you will be sitting in front of the computer reading, analysing and opening transactions. Whether you are passionate about … Read more

How to become an Independent Trader

Independent trader vs dependent trader

People are different and so are their trading styles. Some prefer entering positions for a short time, while others would rather choose long-term transactions. Traders have their preferences regarding every aspect of trading, market volatility, investment amount or risk tolerance. Moreover, some will eagerly use the advice of more experienced ones and some will learn … Read more

Setting up your trading goals. How to become a consistent trader

Trading goals

A very important task for you as a trader is to define your own trading goals. It will help you to stay on the right track during the journey. Having good goals set strengthens your consistency and discipline. The only catch is to choose correctly. The purpose of today’s article is to explain the importance … Read more

How to Enjoy Weekly Profits on IQ Option

Trading plan is a must-have

Last month I earned quite a satisfactory profit. It does not mean that I won every time I was trading. Occasionally, I lost. But I gained approximately $100 a day during the first two weeks, and at the end of the month, my profit was around $1700. Trading is not all about winning. You have … Read more

3 effective exit strategies for your CFD trades

exit strategies

A question most traders ask is when to enter a trade. This is very important to know the best entry moments, to recognise patterns and to be familiar with the indicators that help in these tasks. But knowing when to exit is no less important. The success of your transactions depends on when you start … Read more